Thursday, September 30, 2010

Design Star

I bought our current bed a little over a year ago from Cost Plus World Market. It is solid wood and was imported from Thailand. I love it. Like most chicks, I have always dreamed of having a canopy bed and this was the perfect mix of feminine and masculine for Steve and me. It has been a great bed frame… however our mattress has clearly become the worst purchase ever. I don’t even want to get into that though. After staying for a week in Jamaica on our honeymoon and sleeping in a luxurious king size bed, Steve and I decided it was time to upgrade. We knew a new mattress was in store for us so why not get a new frame as well and make it a king!

Here is the Current Bed

Sloan from Costplus

So,  I started shopping and found this beauty

Chris Madden  Avalon Bed

Ok, ok , I found it last year when I was looking at frames the first time but Steve said it was way to girly. Apparently he has gone soft because the 2nd time around, he said “Yeah, buy whatever you want”. Done and done! So the bed frame is ordered and on it’s way. We still need to find a mattress and the old canopy bed will go into the guest room, where Steve’s bed from college currently lives.

This new bed is completely different in style and color from the old one… which only means one thing. Bedroom needs a redesign!
Here is the theme I have in mind
Love the blue, white and black together

I think this is the color scheme I would like to go with.

With some mirrored tables and accessories

Love this dresser

And a chandelier lamp!

 Is this incredibly WAY too girly for Steve to live in?!
We will soon find out!

I would love to get this bedding. It is from Dwell Studio (Steve already approved it)

Dwell Studio tends to be on the pricer side of bedding. However they just did a new line for Target! Unfortunately, this pattern is not one of them

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Gifts & Etsy Shops

As you might have read in my earlier post, last weekend Steve and I attended a friend's wedding. They asked that no one bring gifts, as they already have what they need and requested cash for travel. To which I replied" But, but... I love to buy gifts!!" It's true, I get a real high out of finding the perfect present for someone and giving it them!
So, I decided I would go with something personal for this one. I couldn't get pots and pans or an iron for this couple obviously. This would be a real gift challenge.... or a Brittney sex riot, whichever way you want to look at it!
 I decided on wedding Forks! I ordered them from Etsy. I made cute little tags to attach to each of the forks, which I forgot to take a photo of, and tied them on with ribbon. We arrived to the ceremony a little early, so I popped into the reception area and placed the forks on the Bride and Groom's table to surprise them! 
BeachHouseLiving on Etsy
I think these are SO adorable and would have been so excited to have received them myself. What a fitting way to eat your wedding cake... or pie!

 I also go them this pillow.

mendydensadesigns on Etsy
This was from Etsy as well. I don't think I have mentioned how amazing that site is! I buy pretty much everything on there.  I have never been to this couple's home before, so I have no idea what their decor style/ theme is. I have however met the couple many times ( they are college friends of Steve's) and I know they are quirky,eclectic people me! I thought this pillow would pretty much fit into any decor or room and seemed right up their alley. I hope they liked it!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Story of the Outdoor Chapel

The entrance to our Outdoor Chapel

I originally saw the idea of building an outdoor chapel over a year ago in a wedding planning blog. The story was covering a couple’s wedding day and showed the amazing structure they built to sit out in a yard where the ceremony would be. I was in complete awe. What a great idea. What a neat way to make an outdoor ceremony intimate without closing it off or using a tent. I loved how it seemed like it had always been there, it wasn’t obstructive or out of place, it was the perfect rustic place for a wedding.


From that day forward I would randomly Google images to see if I could find other examples that couples had built. I wanted to see more! I was addicted to the idea of the chapel. I imaged my wedding day and how elated I would be to get married outside in a place like that. I soon stumbled on a blog written by a girl in California. Her father -in -law was conveniently a contractor and had the means and access to materials to build something this. In fact the wedding was to take place on their property, so they could build it on location and take their time. I checked up on her each month to see how it was coming along. Of course it was amazing. They put in a stone walk way and a fire place!

At this point, I decided I had to have one too. I emailed all the photos and information to Steve and said Build this please! And he did.

Most of the outdoor chapels I found online were built from scrap wood pulled of shipping pallets. The kind that gives you mad slivers if you have ever worked in receiving at a store! That wood is thin and cheap and best of all, light weight. Steve however, had a better idea. His family has assisted in numerous demolitions over the years. They have kept all the scrap wood, barn wood, junk wood, you name it wood, from these projects. All the materials we needed were sitting in his parents yard. Only thing missing were single pan
e vintage windows…hmm…. where would we find those? Well, it just so happened that I started collecting those windows when I was in high school. As an avid garage sale-er and swap meet attendee I had a small pile of precisely what we needed.

As luck would have it, Steve’s dad is a wood shop teacher. Together he and Steve had all the tools and know how to build these structures. The wood had been sitting for years and was perfectly weathered and worn. It only took a few weekends to build 4 sides and the entry way, each with their own supports to hold them up. Although, when a friend asked how they would stand on their own, Steve’s brother replied “Well, they ordered a couple wizards and they are going to be in charge of that.”

Pretty much the best answer ever.

Each structure weighed about 200-250 lbs and took 2 men to carry. We loaded them onto a flatbed trailer and hauled them to the wedding venue the morning of and set them in place. Unfortunately, the venue was booked the night before so we were unable to set anything up ahead of time. They turned out Awesome.

The back side

Before Adding the windows in

Ready to load!

Our guests didn’t realize we had built them, they thought they were part of the venue!

I kept thinking about how at the end of the night our families and friends in their tired and drunken stoopers would have to tear down and pack everything up. Including this entire outdoor chapel! The venue was yet again book the following day and we couldn’t leave anything behind that night.

As the ceremony was wrapping up, the owner approached us and asked to buy the chapel from us. What better way to top off our wedding night?! We had planned to sell them on Craigslist anyhow! So, we made some extra cash and didn’t have to move them again!!! I would say that was definitely a win- win situation, with or without the wizards!

Thank god it didn’t rain that day, or all this work would have been a complete waste, as the ceremony would have been moved inside the barn! Here are some photos of the process and the final product.

A view from the side during the ceremony

Heading down the aisle to see Steve for the first time

We added childhood photos to the entryway. Bride on one side and Groom on the other. It was amazing to walk through as my dad took me down the aisle. To see the photos as we passed through the doorway. To feel like I was coming through the church doors like I had always imagined I would while growing up. To have the sun shining down and the warm breeze at our backs. It couldn’t have been more perfect… and Steve built it all for me. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Makeup, babies and too much food

I want this.

Tonight I decided that going to Red Lobster for all you can eat shrimp was a WAY better idea than doing p90x at home. I am on the fast track to gaining the freshman 15... or.. er..uh, newly wed 15 I suppose. Winter is not good to me. Eggnog lattes, pumpkin pie... potato soup... the list goes on and on. Not to mention it's dark when I leave the house and when I come home, making we want to lay on the couch in the pm, not go walking or do any physical activity for that matter!
At dinner we had a discussion about all the wonderful things your body does when you are pregnant. I am so looking forward to peeing my self and puking all day. NOT. No, I am not with child... this was just for future reference. For now, I will stick with my cat... she doesn't give me stretch marks..... just scratch marks! HA. Good night moon.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weddings weddings everywhere

Steve and I are about burnt out on weddings this summer. After spending tons of time and energy on ours, all of our friends got married this summer too! This weekend we attended Andrew and Cassie's wedding. I have to admit, I was a little bit apprehensive about going. When they came to our wedding last month, they told us how similar our weddings were going to be. Right down to the cowboy boots ,dessert bar, pies and even the centerpieces! We weren't sure how attending this wedding so soon after ours would make us feel. Would they one up us? Would I notice details I left out? Would our friends who have attended both compare everything? I am happy to report that the weddings, though similar in theme, were completely different.

I loved all the details and touches Cassie had added to her wedding. It was a lot of fun and we danced all night long. She looked amazing in her short dress and boots and we drank till the keg ran dry! All in all, I was worrying for no reason. I should have never doubted myself or my wedding. I think no matter how wonderful someone else's wedding is, mine will always be perfect to me. It was after all my wedding and a day Steve and I will never forget. No one can one up that feeling/vision/memory that we have of our wedding day.
Speaking of our wedding day, we received a free night stay at the Raddison in the mail today! That is the hotel we stayed at on our wedding night. It was very nice, but they didn't follow through on some details Steve had planned out as a surprise for me. So when they emailed me asking to do a survey reporting how our stay went, I let them have it! It was our wedding night, everything should have been perfect! So, they wrote me a nice letter apologizing and a gift certificate for a free night's stay. I am sure its for the bottom of the line room... and we had originally stayed in the honeymoon suite.. but we will have to wait and see. Savin' the coupon for a rainy day!

Here are some pics from this weekend's wedding!

Groomsmen & Bridesmaid

The lovely couple!


Dessert Buffet

Pie they cut instead of the traditional cake

Steve and me!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday part Deux

I wanted to do a little follow up on this cake.... so that no one takes it too seriously.
 I got a phone call asking if I could make a "drunken pink elephant" cake for a woman's daughter's 21st Birthday.
Most people would say "What in the SAM hell is a drunken pink elephant cake?!"
But, I knew exactly what it was.
Ya see, I have seen this mess of a cake online many times before.
 In fact one of it's most popular postings is on a blog I follow , you can see the post Here!

Anyway, I agreed to do a "version" of this cake, I knew I could replicate it but make it a little less of an elephant orgy gone wrong.
The woman ordering this cake told me that she received this cake for her 21st and thought it would be fun to remake it for her daughter.
This cake design originally came out in the 60's. It's debut was in a decorating book called "Magic in Frosting" Nuff Said.

So.... here is my final creation!

The quote of the day is:

" There is no quicker road to drama, than a bunch of assumptions crossed with silence"

Cake Project & Wedding site

Let the blogging begin. I decided I have too much to say to merly post on Facebook.
It's high time I start my own blog.
To talk about important things, like cats... cooking.. buying purses and of course updates on my past wedding.
Yes, thats right, you are are going to hear all about my wedding... that happened 27 whole days ago!!!
GO HERE to see all the wedding photos!
Lunch is over so I bid you adieu and will leave you with a wonderful photo of the cake I am recreating for a 21st birthday tomorrow!
 I'll let you know how it turns out!

This is attributed to be the author's "world-famous piece."