Thursday, September 30, 2010

Design Star

I bought our current bed a little over a year ago from Cost Plus World Market. It is solid wood and was imported from Thailand. I love it. Like most chicks, I have always dreamed of having a canopy bed and this was the perfect mix of feminine and masculine for Steve and me. It has been a great bed frame… however our mattress has clearly become the worst purchase ever. I don’t even want to get into that though. After staying for a week in Jamaica on our honeymoon and sleeping in a luxurious king size bed, Steve and I decided it was time to upgrade. We knew a new mattress was in store for us so why not get a new frame as well and make it a king!

Here is the Current Bed

Sloan from Costplus

So,  I started shopping and found this beauty

Chris Madden  Avalon Bed

Ok, ok , I found it last year when I was looking at frames the first time but Steve said it was way to girly. Apparently he has gone soft because the 2nd time around, he said “Yeah, buy whatever you want”. Done and done! So the bed frame is ordered and on it’s way. We still need to find a mattress and the old canopy bed will go into the guest room, where Steve’s bed from college currently lives.

This new bed is completely different in style and color from the old one… which only means one thing. Bedroom needs a redesign!
Here is the theme I have in mind
Love the blue, white and black together

I think this is the color scheme I would like to go with.

With some mirrored tables and accessories

Love this dresser

And a chandelier lamp!

 Is this incredibly WAY too girly for Steve to live in?!
We will soon find out!

I would love to get this bedding. It is from Dwell Studio (Steve already approved it)

Dwell Studio tends to be on the pricer side of bedding. However they just did a new line for Target! Unfortunately, this pattern is not one of them

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