Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Building a Place for Grace... and Steve too

The past couple weeks I have bought a lot of new home items. Including furniture and decor. First off I wanted to show a pic of the cool deer bust I got at Kohls!

We purchased a new dining room table and chairs over the weekend. It was a set we had been looking at for a month or so. I wasn't totally sold on the mission style of it. It really doesn't scream Gracie, but it had the great function and quality we were looking for. After spending weeks comparing other sets that came no where near the craftsmanship and comfort of this one we finally bought it.

 It is A America  and we got it from The Old Cannery in Puyallup. It has 2 self storing leaves and seats up to 8 comfortable, 10 if you must! All solid oak wood. Best of all it also has equalizing cable glides, so I can open and close it to add or remove leaves on my own. Most tables take 2 people or a lot of work to pull apart and this one glides like...a glove... or something..

Here is the stock photo of the set. Personally I like it a lot better in person. Its more of a cherry color

We had some friends come over to help unload everything, it weighed a ton

Now onto putting together the chairs

Bailey supervising Mark and Steve

Bailey is "reading" the directions to Steve.

Bentley approved

The old table and chairs.

We also went to Fright Night at Enchanted Village this weekend. It was not scary at all, and it was raining... but had a great time anyway. We met up with some friends and went to dinner then the theme park. It was Steve's first Haunted house!!!

Waiting in Line for the Roller Coaster

It looks like this is as Halloweeny as we are going to get this year. Steve's dad needs him down at the house they are building this weekend to help out. So we have cancelled our plans to go out. I'm not a big partier, so normally this change of plans wouldn't bother me much...except for I was really looking forward to being Snooki this year and I already have most of my costume.

Maybe I can figure out some other place to wear it....
work...the shopping...SANTA PHOTOS!


I also picked up the bed side tables from Pier One last night. Since I am not putting together our new room until we move, I would have liked to have left them in their boxes. Unfortunately when the clerk was carting them out to my car though, she dumped them onto the cement in the parking lot! Since they are made of mirrors, I thought it would be in my best interest to unpack and assemble them just in case something was damaged.
 They look great! I can't wait to use them!

Now we just need to find a new place to live!

A day in the life: Dressing the part

"Okay everyone, remember to wear your firm logo shirt for our office picture tomorrow!"
Obviously, I am not a team player.

(Seriously though, that color washes me out!)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Feeling so corny

Wednesday night Steve and I went to a corn maze with some friends. It was such a nice day; I really hadn’t expected it to be as cold as it was! I wore my new jacket with a sweater underneath and a scarf and I was still cold. The maze was a lot of fun, although there weren’t any lights on the field so it was a good thing we brought a flashlight along. I thought we were going to be able to go into the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins too but it is only open on the weekends. That was a little disappointing.

Afterwards we all went out to eat at The Rock Woodfire pizza. I love that place.
 I had a delightful Thai chicken salad in hopes of being semi-healthy, but that was quickly destroyed by brown sugar Mozzarella bread and homemade chips and cheese. Not to mention I am eating this horribly thigh engorging meal at 9 o’clock at night!
Time to start the work out again.

Me & Steve

Trying to scope the land

Rindi hiding in the corn

When we started the maze, we were told if we get lost to find a worker in a red hat to ask for help. We didn't see a single person! Kinda Creepy.

Oooooh spooky!
Of course our night wasn't complete without a little Cornmazing photo opt!

Screw you pumpkin patch that was closed, I'm gonna steal a cob! Totally wasn't ripe... is ripe the word? That makes me think of fruit. The kernels were still little babies on the cob. How about that?! Steve and I took a bite anyway. It was kinda sweet.. but also kinda tasted like dirt. Corn Maze, you win this time.

Onomatopoeia is friday's word of the day!

Hats all around! I love this little accessory I found on etsy. It is an Onomatopoeia. Zoink!

Great addition to your superhero Halloween costume or maybe just something fun for a cocktail party! While checking out hats... I found some hats for cats!
I am not huge on dressing animals... OK, yeah, I am. It's so freakin cute! It's like having a kid... but not.

Cirino De Bergerac cat hat

The Unicorn Cat Hat

I'm not sure but its awesome

I can't stop there.....
Lady Gaga Dog outfit
Dr, Seuss?

Pirate Dog hat
Yeah this is ridiculous but I had to share it. Bahahaha

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marie Antoinette Wedding in Seattle

While I was cruising the blogs I follow yesterday, I came across this awesome wedding that I wanted to share with everyone! I didn't even realize that it was local until I finished reading about it. Although, the venue looked rather familiar to me. It took place in what is now known as the Arctic Club Hotel, but years ago it was called the Dome Room in the Arctic building. AH- HA, that would be where I went to Senior Ball in 2000! 
( "In the year two thousand *in Conan O'brien voice*)

The bride had 4 outfit changes, all of them amazing! These weren't just dress swaps either, we are talking a whole new set of shoes, accessories, jewelry, everything. There are tons of DIY projects and desserts from Bakery Nouveau to make you drool. All photography done by Barbie Hull.

I present to you the wedding of Danielle and Ed!

The Rings

Boutonnieres: Curtsy Bella (DIY)

Dress – Madina Vadache from The Finery

Shoes – Roberto Cavalli

Bouquets: Curtsy Bella (DIY)

Dress – (Portland designer) Urchin
Petticoat – American Apparel
Shoes – D&G Dolce & Gabbana

Centerpieces: Aria Style

Dress – ASOS Black Label Collection

                                                         Shoes – Georgina Goodman
Ship Fascinator – Vintage pearl ship made into fascinator by Jillian Szymanowski

Desserts: Bakery Nouveau
Cake Topper: Queen of my Heart by Paisley Buescher

If you want to see more photos from this wedding please take a lot at Rock n Roll Bride's Blog!

This is truely a unique wedding that I wish I had been invited to! What fun!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She Sells Sanctuary

Last night Steve and I picked up the bed I ordered! We aren’t putting it together yet though. We haven’t purchased a new mattress yet for it (any suggestions?) and we might be moving soon, so it made more sense to wait. We did, however, open the box before storing it away to check for damage and see it in person, since they don’t carry it in the store; I have only seen it online. It is SO not white! It’s more of a butter color…not yellow, but more yellow than white. I am not sure how it will tie into the room design I am going for as far as color scheme. We may have to paint it .


Not a big deal, just a little annoyed that the website deceived me! This bed is a monster; we had to rearrange the garage to fit the box in there. I hope our new bedroom is big enough for it! I also purchased our bedside tables this weekend. I had the money for them and decided to go ahead and buy them since they were on sale. I got them from Pier One Imports. It was a tough purchase for me, they weren’t exactly cheap. I have been drooling over them for a year now though, so I was able to semi justify buying them!

Ta Dah!

The nightstands in action!
Note- this is not my room

Here are some more pics of room inspiration I found.

Accessories I want to add

acrylic lamps for the nightstands

silver starburst for above the bed

A cozy blue sitting chair that Steve is convinced I won't use

Black and white frames all on one wall like this

 I also picked up this great white ceramic deer bust at Kohls this weekend. It was with all the new Christmas stuff they have out. I thought it would go great in the room, since I want all the accessories white.

I have been loving the faux mounts I have seen in room designs and on Etsy, like these seen Here and Here

I wish they weren’t so expensive though. I need to figure out how to make my own.