Monday, October 11, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance

This is the song I used for my Daddy Daughter Dance at my wedding.
It is so sweet, I just wanted to share.
Ben Folds

You can't fool me, I saw you when you came out
You got your momma's taste but you got my mouth
And you will always have a part of me
Nobody else is ever going to see

Gracie girl
With your cards to your chest walking on your toes
What you got in the box only Gracie knows
And I would never try to make you be
Anything you didn't really want to be

Gracie girl
Life flies by in seconds
You're not a baby Gracie, you're my friend
You'll be a lady soon but until then
You gotta do what I say

You nodded off in my arms watching TV
I won't move you an inch even thought my arm's asleep
One day you're gonna want to go
I hope we taught you everything you need to know

Gracie girl

And there will always be a part of me
Nobody else is ever gonna see but you and me

My little girl

My Gracie girl

1 comment:

Nikki said...

So sweet! Lauren told me about this. Must have hit a heart string with quite a few folks.