Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She Sells Sanctuary

Last night Steve and I picked up the bed I ordered! We aren’t putting it together yet though. We haven’t purchased a new mattress yet for it (any suggestions?) and we might be moving soon, so it made more sense to wait. We did, however, open the box before storing it away to check for damage and see it in person, since they don’t carry it in the store; I have only seen it online. It is SO not white! It’s more of a butter color…not yellow, but more yellow than white. I am not sure how it will tie into the room design I am going for as far as color scheme. We may have to paint it .


Not a big deal, just a little annoyed that the website deceived me! This bed is a monster; we had to rearrange the garage to fit the box in there. I hope our new bedroom is big enough for it! I also purchased our bedside tables this weekend. I had the money for them and decided to go ahead and buy them since they were on sale. I got them from Pier One Imports. It was a tough purchase for me, they weren’t exactly cheap. I have been drooling over them for a year now though, so I was able to semi justify buying them!

Ta Dah!

The nightstands in action!
Note- this is not my room

Here are some more pics of room inspiration I found.

Accessories I want to add

acrylic lamps for the nightstands

silver starburst for above the bed

A cozy blue sitting chair that Steve is convinced I won't use

Black and white frames all on one wall like this

 I also picked up this great white ceramic deer bust at Kohls this weekend. It was with all the new Christmas stuff they have out. I thought it would go great in the room, since I want all the accessories white.

I have been loving the faux mounts I have seen in room designs and on Etsy, like these seen Here and Here

I wish they weren’t so expensive though. I need to figure out how to make my own.


andrea said...

we've got a sitting chair in our room (just acquired a wing-backed one from jess actually)and we use ours....
mostly anth throws his clothes on it....but that still counts. ;)

Nikki said...

I love the deer! I've been looking at the cardboard ones but even those are too expensive for me ;)

Great ideas. Very cozy and glamorous.