Saturday, October 16, 2010

Super mall.... isn't so super

After working hard this morning on a wedding cake. I spent some time with my parents. Steve is out of town this weekend hunting, so I decided to shop! I saw an ad for the Auburn Super mall ( which is outlet stores) and they added a Victoria's Secret! I have been wanting to go to a VS outlet forever but there aren't any in Washington. Long story short, the mall is switching from outlet to regular mall and the VS is NOT an outlet  store. HUGE disappointment considering I drove over a hour specifically for that store! Besides VS, the other item I had on my list of must haves is a leather jacket. Luckily the Wilson leather store is still an outlet so I got this lil' number. It was 300.00 and I got it for 95.00!

there is Bentley

I like it with the scarf

I also got these items. The faux mercury glass finial  is for the new bedroom design. The little crowns are tea light holders.

I knew they would go perfect with the larger crown I already had on a shelf in the living room! Ta Dah!

So even with the VS set back, it was still a good shopping trip, and mom and dad took me to Red Robin...yum.

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