Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trash to Treasure....or a Treasure Trashed?

I am still trying to make up my mind as to what I want to do with my wedding dress. It was expensive and took some work to obtain. I don't want to sell it... but boxing it up for 20 years seems silly too. I would love to just wear it out...but, I don't know how practical that is. I could wear it on my anniversary every year... but I know that eventually one day I will no longer fit into it and that would just be depressing.

I am still considering a Trash the dress photo shoot. I loved the idea when I first discovered it a few years ago.I feel like it is a little bit 2008 though. Yeah, I know, how can a photo shoot be dated? It just seems that it was a fad and turned into overkill. At least for someone like me, who lurks on wedding sites daily. For you, maybe you have never even heard of it before!

 Although, I have noticed there has been some evolution with the style of the photos taken recently. When the hype all began, it really was about TRASHING your dress. Brides rolling in the mud, Climbing on greasy tires, finger painting, chocolate syrup, you name it.

For example:

This year it seems to be more about wearing your dress in an unconventional way. Taking photos in a setting that  is completely unexpected and out of place. That is what entices me. I don't want to rip my dress to sheds, nor do I want to hang a photo of myself rolling in a mud puddle on the living room wall. What I think I would like is some great art, taken in unusual places, of me in my dress.

Here are some pics of a great shoot I found

I'm a sucker for the pics taken in the water too.

My decision is still up in the air. Till then, the dress will hang in the spare bedroom....waiting.


Nikki said...

As someone who has done both (in 2008 for TTD ;), and hasn't done a thing with either'd think I'd have the perfect answer. My dress is still not dead. If I ever have a wedding business I plan to put it in my office on a bust form.

You could always sell it!

Becky said...

My dress is still hanging in the closet waiting for TTD pictures. 2.5 yrs later still hasn't happened. lol