Friday, October 8, 2010

Veils... like pretty please, with a cherry on top

One of the  most popular questions/comments I heard while planning my wedding was
 " You are going to wear a cage veil aren't you?!"

I guess the bird cage screams Gracie? I have to admit, I was a fan at one time but just as I outgrew the whole " I want a 12 foot tall wedding cake " , I guess I outgrew the  cage veil. They are hip, they are fun, they are unusual and vintage, but I truly wanted to feel so much more bridal and fabulous than that.

I weighed my options.....
On one end of the scale we have the Lady GaGa of veils

Totally not appropriate for my first wedding....
 On the other end we have the Why am I even wearing a veil veil

Seriously, wake me when this bride gets a personality

I found something in the middle

 Priscilla Presley.

Funny... she still looks like this today... minus the veil of course..

note: she obviously likes a tall cake too

I decided the bigger the veil, the closer to God.

The style is classified as Bubble or Couture
Here are some of my favorites that I stored away on my computer while I searched for the perfect one.

Fell in love with this one, I am sure it costs more than my dress did.. and it was wrong for my outdoor venue, had our wedding been inside a chapel I would have saved all my pennies for this

I thought this was the sweetest one of all. SO simple, but incredibly sweet

 I made my decision when I found BellaBridalVeils  on Etsy. Yes, Etsy.... again. Seriously, they have EVERYTHING on there. It is my addiction.

Anyway, don't know if any of you have been veil shopping recently but they can run you in the hundreds and designer veils into the thousands. Why? I have no idea. Its literally yards of tulle, the same tulle they sell at the fabric store down the street, stitched to a plastic comb. That's it. Yes, some are french tulle, Italian lace, hand stitched embroidery with swarovski crystals, I am not talking about those though. I am talking about your run of the mill, plain Jane veils! The prices are Ridiculous. Which is why I turned to Etsy. I saw the veils in the store and said " I could SO make that." Then I thought, "Hey, I bet someone already did... lets check Etsy!"

So, here she is, my veil, my utterly cheap and wonderfully huge, is that a veil or did the cotton candy fairy land on your head veil.

Just came in the mail
This is actually the 2nd veil she sent me. I had her sew the comb on reverse of the original direction... to make the veil stand up even taller.

At the hair trial

 The debut

Besides my mom and my photographer who watched me put this baby on and said
" OH WOW, now that's a veil!"
I don't honestly know what anyone thought of my "Head Piece." I guess I don't really care. When I thought back to the drawings I sketched as a kid of my  wedding day, I had this huge veil  in every single one. I honestly feel like I would have felt a little shorted if I hadn't gotten it.
 ( No pun intended, it did add a good 4 inches)
Also, I think as a product of the 80's this sort of big hair/bigger veil ideal was naturally instilled in me. Just look at Becky!

After all, my dream groom was Uncle Jesse *forever*

 So, I guess the moral of the story is... where what you like, wear what suits your personality and don't  slink off into the corner and buy what the sales clerk at David's Bridal *shudder* tells you to get. She doesn't know what she is talking about.

And just for the record, I totally could have gone bigger.


Mandy said...

cute blog grace! i like the cage veil, too. but yours was perfect for you!!

Krystal said...

Awesome 1st post, and welcome to the blogging world!! GL gal!!

Graciepie said...

This isnt my first post! Hit the Home button girl and scroll down!!

Nikki said...

I love your veil. You rocked it!

andrea said...

"If every word I said to you
Could make you laugh
Ooh, I'd talk forever"

I'm not a blog, ever. But, I've enjoyed yours. Thanks! :)