Saturday, October 9, 2010

Working on the "Lodge"

Since I was left home alone this weekend, I thought I would share what is going on with the family!

 Right now Steve's parents are building a new place on their property. Almost every weekend since last spring we have gone down to his parents to help out and lend a hand. This was crammed in between the weekends of working on the Camaro at my parent's so it would be ready for the wedding and all of our DIY projects too. Basically we have had no life or free time for a while. It will pay off in the end though. This place is going to be pretty amazing! Did I mention it's Seattle so we are in the rain working most of the time too?!

The Hubs

He is wearing his Sour Kraut suspenders!
 ( He is the German your mother warned you about)

This is me and Steve's brother's girlfriend. We are pressure washing logs that were cut down on their property. The logs will be sanded and sealed and stood upright in the main living room of the house!

Steve is bringing up more logs to work on.

Here is a photo of the house taken from where the current house they are living in is. The current house will be taken off the property when the new one is complete and they will have a huge front yard and turn around driveway here.

See those huge floor to ceiling windows in front? This is what it will look like from the inside!

The theme of the house is a modern take on a lodge in the woods. Lots of exposed beams, natural textures, wood and stone work. When I say lots.... I mean like 4200 square feet of it.
 I thought when you had an empty nest you were suppose to down size?

It is actually sunny here!

In this photo they are working on the "mother in law" area above the garage. This area will have its own living space, bathroom and bedrooms... all with radiant floor heating. As of now, there is no actual mother in law planning to move in... but I have a feeling Steve and I will be claiming this area for holidays!

There is an open loft area overlooking the living room down stairs.The loft will serve as a library and game room.

I think this pool table would go in there perfectly!

This is one project that will really be rewarding in the end. They are doing almost everything themselves. Right down to the cabinetry, interior doors and railings. Steve's dad is a shop teacher and a real master with wood working! Using timber from their own land he will be creating some one of a kind pieces for the house. He also works with metals too.

He is creating something similar to this for the staircase.
I hear it is going to be fish themed though!

Here is another example I found. This is actually made out of wood though, not metal! How amazing is that?
This weekend is Steve's dad's birthday! I wish that I could be down there to celebrate but this cold I have won't let me go far from the house. When we were at Salmon days last weekend we found the perfect gift for him. He happens to also be an avid hunter and fisher. We thought he would really appreciate this work of art and it was something that would go perfect in the new house! It came matted and set in a rustic barn wood frame. Like this

 I don't have a photo of the exact piece we got him ( which was a painting of 3 salmon) but here is some of the artists other work!

rainbow trout

steel head salmon

This artists work is even more amazing in person. I would love to acquire more from him for Steve and I to keep for ourselves. It isn't cheap though, so we will have to collect over time! The artist is Dean Crouser and he is from Oregon. You can check him out Here! He works with acrylics, pastels and watercolors to create these intense colors. There was a series of painting with crows I saw at his both I really loved. Unfortunately I don't see any on his site to show you, but here is one similar.

Well, in honor of Leavenworth Oktoberfest that I am missing tonight because I am sick. Here are some photos from last year!

Eins, Zwei, Drei G'Suffa
( one, two, three, drink!)

Steve's Parents

Steve, Me, Luke, Tyler, Mandy

I love it there. It is such a neat town. Maybe we can go up for the tree lighting ceremony this year instead. It is such an amazing place in the winter time.

Mandy, Steve, Me, Tyler.. a happy German family!

If God wanted us sober, he'd knock the cup over, drink up, drink up, drink up!

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Nikki said...

Wow, that house is going to be gorgeous! I'm not even going to show my Husband because it is exactly what he wants to do. So nice of you guys to help them out!