Sunday, October 10, 2010

You make a better Window than a Wall

One of my readers commented on a previous post about the outdoor chapel and how random it was I had been collecting vintage windows. I realized I never really got into the reasoning behind that in the post, so I wanted to share the story!

Back in 2000 there was a movie that came out that now has a huge cult following. I remember seeing previews for this movie and thought it looked amazing. Totally up my alley. I saw it, it was alright, I don't get the hype. Maybe 10 years later I would "get it" and I should watching it try again.
The movie was

 I honestly don't remember anything about the movie except a room divider made of old windows.
There is a scene in the movie that takes place inside Lisa Bonet's apartment and she has the room split by a mismatched collection of old windows hanging by chains. Coolest thing ever.

This is the only photo I could find from the actual movie

My dad is a huge garage saler. I have been going to garage sales since I could ride a bike. Every weekend during the summer dad and I would get up early and ride our bikes to sales around the neighborhood. This of course only happened with a little coaxing on his part. I was always "bribed" by a maple bar from Chuck's Donuts... or even better, french toast sticks from Burger King! The Burger King trip was dangerous but worth it, and was usually followed by my mom saying " You let her ride her bike down Duvall?!"  Danger is my middle name, when it comes to breakfast foods. Dad really lucked out that the Burger King was located where it was. By me agreeing to ride there, that meant we could hit all the garage sales in other neighborhoods off Sunset and Union.

Back to the story...

So we go to these garage sales and Dad always had specifics he looked for; tools and car parts. Me on the other hand after out growing stuffed animals didn't really have anything to collect.These windows served as a perfect distraction to early mornings and sifting through other peoples junk. By this time I was much older and no longer on a bike, the Burger King is long gone and in moved a Starbucks drive-thru.

Dad says:

 "One man's trash is another man's treasure"
 True... sometimes.
 But he has also been known to say

 " A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet"
Which is totally not true and kind of creepy.

So over the years I have collected these windows, some in good condition, some completely falling apart. All in the hopes of one day building this room divider for myself. The wedding came first though. I think they were put to good use and I was very lucky I had them. The more often I see these old windows for sale, the more expensive they are. Shabby chic style is common, people are more into DIY crafts and project and what was once old and useless, is now a collectors item. Supply and demand. Every once in a while you find someone who doesn't know what they have and you get a deal.

Here are some other examples of this same idea

I think it's time to start collecting again.

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mcmayhem said...

I don't think I've heard dad say that thing about strangers, but I have heard him say on multiple occasions that men are pigs, which is both true AND creepy.