Monday, November 8, 2010

Ass Clinging Shift dresses and Red Lipstick

This weekend I made a trip to the mall to return something and discovered that Christmas shopping has begun.
The mall was completely packed. This was really annoying as I wasn’t there to shop, I just wanted to get in and get out and I also have no patience in general. There wasn’t anything that I needed and it was time to get home and make dinner.

The claws were already in though.

I was quickly sucked into the wheelin’ and dealin’ of the sales clerks.

I looked at the bargains and tested the limited edition makeup kits, I listened to the talk ,“Buy two mascaras and get one free!” BUT I did not walk the walk. No, I kept my purse clamped closed and… ok, ok I bought a lipstick. Nothing else! Then headed for the car.

I left the mall without any bags and more money in my pocket from my returned item. I want to say it felt good, I had won the battle.

But sadly, I felt empty, so many good deals, fall clothes and Christmas gifts… none of them in my possession.
They say people shop to fill the void, to get that high from a purchase. I think that is something only a woman can understand. I have seen Steve giddy after a sweet deal at Kohls where he saved a few bucks. Or when we got his $400.00 Guess Pea coat for a mere $150.00 at Macys. But, he doesn’t seek that out like I do. I love shopping, I dream about shopping, I shop when I am happy, I shop when I am sad. I shop online and in stores. I haven’t hit the all time low of QVC yet though.

Do I think I am a shopaholic and have a problem? No.I’m just a girl.

I can avoid it too. I just don’t go to the mall. Then I don’t shop, but once I am there… it’s oh so hard to walk away.

Walk away from a bargain I mean. I don’t shop just to shop or just to buy. I shop to win. I want the deal of the day. I want something braggable. I want to find that treasure no one else has and know I saved SOOOO much money on it.
What is this condition called? Am I a bargainaholic? So be it. At least I am saving money… not as much as if I didn’t shop at all… but everyone has at least ONE vise, this is one of mine.

So as to not spend more of my money, I decided I better start working on a Christmas list, so others can spend money… on me. Here are some of this seasons must have items.

From Philosophy
Microdelivery Peel. $65.00

This stuff is amazing! I used a sample packet of it last week and it make my skin feel great. Best mask I have ever used. It’s self warming too!

Amazing Grace Shower Gel $35.00

One of my favorite scents. I love this body wash. I wish they still made the olive Oil scrub though.

From Anthropologie

Elk nesting measuring cups! $48.00

Rustic Romp Candelabra ( overpriced at $698.00) but awesome

Anticipation Heels $128.00 and they come in my size

Best candle ever - Capri Blue $25.00
 ( And it comes in a Mercury glass jar to match my new bedroom design!)

From Nordstrom

Adrianna Papell dresses for Christmas parties perhaps?

 I saw this dress ( the one on the right) at the store this weekend and couldn't walk away from it
But I love a good shoulder pad too.....

I love shift dresses on models.

Unfortunately, they either cling too tightly to my “womanly” figure, making me look like I have J-Lo’s behind and thunder thighs
( like this)

Note- we all know Cameron is anything but fat, but look how this dress clings to the side of her ass! Its bad! and that's how the shift dress always looks on me.

they hang big like a sack and I have no figure at all.
( like this)

Steve Madden Freeway Boot $130.00

I have been pondering these boots for a while. I love them.

They were on sale at Nordstrom this weekend! I tried them on, hated them.
Thank god, because you know I would have had to have bought them if they were awesome.

That's all so far,but it's just the beginning.
My Christmas lists tend to be more than one page and yes I still make them and give them to my parents.

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mcmayhem said...

This is EXACTLY why Graham enjoys shopping! Not mindless consumption where he just wanders through a store spending money because he can, but for the WIN. He wants to find exactly what he was looking for at the lowest price possible and then show it off with the price tag still attached. When you turn it into a competitive sport, shopping's a game the whole family can enjoy. yaaay.