Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hair today Gone tomorrow

I am making a drastic change with my hair this season.
 I have been wearing it black for about 2 years now.
There hasn't really been a time during my life that I haven't colored my hair.
I do know what my natural color is... I think.
 Here is what it has looked like for the last year.

Over this past weekend I started my transformation.
We used a chemical wash that pulled out the remaining dye in my hair.
I haven't had it colored since the beginning of August so it was starting to fade on its own.
Here is the faded black.

 This is what it looked like after that treatment. Its a little lighter than its natural color.

My plan is go get all the way to this. A platinum all over blonde

Yeah, no one believes me.

I was blonde once before but it looked kinda shitty.
 I am going about it in a different way this time.
 First of all I am not doing it myself!
Secondly, I am not doing it all at once.
 I am having the lightening done in stages until we achieve the blonde I want.

Here is what my mess of a head looked like a few years back when I tried my DIY bleach bath.

1st Attempt-2000

2nd Attempt- 2004

Both of which I look at now and think look horrid.

What I hope it doesn't turn out like is one of my previous pics or this one below.
This blonde just looks trashy.

I love Kristen Stewart's new look a lot.
Depending on how my hair takes the dye we will either do heavy highlights and add more and more each visit.
Or do an all over lightening and take it lighter and lighter lifting my color.
So most likely it will look like this at some point before getting platinum

Due to the snow my hair apt for tonight has been cancelled:(
So I have to wait till tomorrow to start the blonde!
I will keep ya'll posted!!


qwenaharts said...

You should do a full foil.. and then keep foiling every 5 weeks.. you will get there.. I did all over bleach and tone and it was a lot on my hair.
-Amanda L

amy said...

Fine.... If you are going blond I'm going black. There's not room enough in this clique for 2 blonds!

Nikki said...

I think it will look great! I've never dyed my hair, ever. I'm afraid of change and just boring. I'm saving it for my grays ;)

Stephanie said...

I'm getting my hair done today and going the opposite direction. Blonde to dark. :) Good luck with your transformation.

Katia said...

Hi Grace! Congraulations on your marriage! What a beautiful wedding. I've been following you ever since my sister Nikki linked your blog to hers. I just haven't said Hi yet. Post wedding sure can be a downer. I mourned my wedding for about 2 years;) Love your blog & your witty writing!


Anonymous said...

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