Friday, November 26, 2010

Hair today Part deux

 On Wednesday night I hit the salon to start on my journey to blondness.
We discussed taking small steps in order to not stress out & fry my hair. 
I chose to do highlights that we will continue to lighten at each appointment as well as add more of them overall each visit.

Here I am with a ton of foils in my hair waiting to be done cooking.
After taking the foils out, we added a neutral toner. The lightening didn't take evenly since my hair is still a little darker towards the ends vs. the roots.
After adding the toner, it made the color more consistent.

Leaving me with these caramel tone highlights

I understand this is a "process" I am going from one extreme to the other. Not only that, the black wasn't natural , it was a dye, which takes much longer to rid my hair of before it is even physically able to begin to bleach out.
I also realize that it will take many visits to get my entire head done if I am doing foils and not an all over bleach and tone. With that said, I am a little disappointed with my current results. I am not sure if there is anyone to blame, or if it is just the chemistry of my hair but I feel like visit left me with a very "mild" version of what I had in mind for this appointment.

When I heard I was getting medium to wide foils put in, I suppose I imagined something more like this

And that's totally not what my hair looks like!
Am I way off base here?
I have taken my hair to hell and back and in much less time than this appointment took me ,and for much less than this costs for that matter.
I don't know if I just need to be more patient and it's my hair that isn't cooperating. Or if my stylist doesn't quite understand what I want or what I am willing to commit to.
I feel like maybe she is apprehensive about being more aggressive, due to the fact that most people want their hair to look as natural & normal as possible.  I am really not one to be scared to take a risk with my hair though. I know exactly what I am asking for and what I am getting myself into.
 I feel like no hairstylist believes me when I say that though!
It's just hair.... it grows back. If it looks bad, I'll dye it again, if I can't dye it, I'll cut it off.
I'm really not that worried about it!
 I just want what I want and I want it now!


kalena irene said...

next time tell her you want thicker chucks of hair in your foils. it looks like she did a good job of getting a lot of color in there. she probably thought you meant a lot of blonde as in all over consistency instead of chunkier pieces.

Anonymous said...

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