Sunday, November 21, 2010

I got the tattoo voodoo

So, as most of you know I have come in to a little bit of money from the Chevy Commercial. This was money I earned by doing absolutely nothing, so of course I feel the need to spend it instead of putting it in my savings like an adult. I am almost 27 but far from considering myself an adult. When does that happen btw?!
I am at a crossroads today. Buy the new bedding I have been wanting... or add to my tattoo. I got my skull tattoo about 2 1/2 years ago with the intention of making it a quarter or half sleeve. I have never changed my mind about that, but when you have bills to pay and a cat's mouth to feed, you have to set your own needs aside and take care of business first. Yea, I referred to getting a tattoo as a need.
If you have one, you get it.

Which reminds me of a story.
When I was flying home from Missouri ( hell on earth), I was stuck in the airport for a few hours with some locals of the bible belt of America. A stranger sitting next to me in the waiting area struck up a conversation with me regarding my sparrow tattoo on my foot. I had my legs crossed and she could only see one of them.
 She asked about why I got it and what it meant. Then went into what you might call a sermon, preaching to me that it's alright to get JUST one tattoo. She admitted she was guilty of that as she showed me her crappy homemade tattoo on her thigh. I think it was a heart.
She told me getting one is not a sin, though she does regret it since accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.
It's the people who get more that one tattoo who are working for the devil. If you get more than one tattoo, the ink gets into your bloodstream and it poisons you and your thoughts. Thus causing you to want more and more of them! And I quote " That right there is the devils work."
 People who have multiple tattoos are not God's children. At this point i switched my legs and crossed them the opposite way revealing two more tattoos (Gasp)
She shut up.

The tattoo I have been wanting looks a little like this. Unfortunately there is too much stuff to fit  onto my existing arm tattoo.
 So, this might have to go on the other arm.

Sorry Mom, I know you are rolling your eyes.
What have you been dreaming about getting and why haven't you done it yet?


mcmayhem said...

1. A mashup of the women's lib symbol and the Gonzo journalism symbol.

And a bass. And pinstriping on my calves. And the Led Zeppelin "ZoSo" symbols. And a sewing machine with thread spelling "mom." And some nice skull roses. And a rock & roll chest piece, maybe.

2. Because I spent all my tattoo money getting my flamingo coverup done so I wouldn't make the wedding photos bad.

Graciepie said...