Friday, November 5, 2010

That First Chevy | Chevrolet Commercial I am in and the story behind it!

Well, here is it, my 2 seconds of fame and I didn’t even have to do anything.

About 2 weeks ago I received a message on Facebook from an archival agency that finds requested photos and footage for an advertising agency. I thought it was spam and read it to Steve. “This person says they want to use a photo of me in a Cheverolet commercial! Hahaha, I’m sure this is a scam of some kind” A few hours later Steve checks his Facebook and he has a message from this same person. They told him they were trying to get ahold of his wife to get the rights to a photo for commercial use and needed to talk to us ASAP, as the deadline was the next day. Again, we are skeptical and unsure. Then Steve’s mom calls. She said she has a voicemail on her house phone from some agency looking for me regarding a Chevy Commercial. The caller said they hoped this was the same family that was related to the certain Gracie they were looking for!

At this point I decided I would give them a call. What have I got to loose? The photo they are referring to is already on the internet so if they really wanted to pull one over on me, they could, whether they had my permission or not!

I talked to the agency and they said they are working on gathering photos for a new Chevy ad coming out and wanted to use a photo of me they found on, a wedding planning site! That was the most random place they could have found that photo of me! It was in a thread that a bunch of us girls were listing what our “yearbook titles” were, ie: Most likely to be president, Most creative, Prettiest hair, ect.

I was voted coolest car along with my friend Adam. We both drove first generation Camaros.
In the thread I posted a photo of me posing with his car.

Some how this agency stumbled across it!
They said they would pay me to sign over the rights of the photo to them. Then they would then submit it to the marketing agency that puts together the ad for Chevy. That agency would also contact me and send me residuals for the use of the photo in the commercial as it airs. As of now, I have no idea how much that is, but hey money for not doing anything isn’t a bad days work!
Last night when Steve and I got home from my office party we had a package from Fed Ex waiting for us. I opened it up and it was a disk with the commercial on it and a letter from the Marketing agency thanking me for the use of my photo!
The commercial is already airing on TV, so keep you eye out for it! A few of my friends have already seen it air! It’s just a few seconds of my photo …. Nothing to thank the academy for. Still though, I am pretty excited. I would say this was pure luck!

Here is the photo they used

Here is the picture that was in the year book of Adam and I with our “Coolest Cars”

Adam's Senior Pic:
To give due credit

And when they told me it was photos of people with thier first car, I tried to get my dad in on the action too! But they didn't need the photo :( Sorry pops, I tried.

Dad with his highschool ride
No autographs please!!!

PS: Adam's  car got a paint job, here is the new look

Lookin' good!


tylerpoulsen said...

OMG! I mean I loved Adams orignal paint job but this is sooooooooo sex on wheels! *all in a flutter* Ps Gracie love that you're rocking the drill skirt!,

Coryazy said...

How fucking lucky!!! Coolest thing I've heard all week! I'll keep an eye out for the commercial.