Thursday, November 11, 2010

A view from above, nails and silk

Still looking for the perfect Holiday party dress.
I found some cute contenders at Nordstrom yesterday but nothing that made the cut.

First is this adorable teal dress. It was a lot more iridescent in person that in the photos. It was so fun to try on…but since it was 100% silk it was also over $400.00!

Yeah… I know I am a big time celebrity now (Did ya see my commercial last night during the CMA Awards?!) but I still don’t want to spend that much on a dress for a work function.

Amy said I look like a present in it.

Next I tried on this cute strapless number by Kenzie. I thought it was strange that I needed a smalled size in it than the other dress. I think of Kenzie as more of a Juniors /Young women brand, and their stuff usually runs small on me. But for some reason this didn't.
I hate how every brand has their own idea of how a size should fit someone. It is so inconsistent.

After work I had a nail appointment to get my skooki nails changed out for something more professional! I bought a new polish at Ulta. It is Essie “ Mink Muff”. I keep seeing muted colors like browns and greys in magazines and love the trend.

Case in point:

I wasn’t sure how it would look on me, but I really like them. In fact I got a compliment on the bus this morning by a stranger on them!

Tah Dah

This week at work I got kicked out of my office. They need it for storage. A new desk is being installed for me to use in another room, but until then I get a fancy office! Behold!

The desk


My Cactus

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Nikki said...

The black dress is cute! Very versatile. Great nail color too!