Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hey you woodchucks! Stop chuckin my wood!

This weekend we chopped down mother nature so that we could enjoy some wilderness inside our living room for 3 weeks.
 Steve and I met up with my sister and her boyfriend and went to a tree farm out in Issaquah to find the perfect Abies procera.
(that's a noble fur, for those of you that don't speak tree)

Unfortunately Noble furs are ridiculously $$$. So we got this one instead. I don't know what it is... but it was $52.00 and we had a $5.00 off coupon! Win!

If i pretend to be busy taking photos, I don't have to work

I did however help decorate, that's the fun part!
Here she is!

And the fireplace

And the console table

While I was taking pics, I decided to give you a tour of the house.
Not all at once though. Sorry, gotta keep you coming back somehow.

I bet you were all wondering what the house of a pie baking, cake decorating maniac looked like.
 Well, wonder no more. I will show you!

The living room- I think the antlers need some lights.

I should make holiday hats for this guy and change them out.

On the dining room table

My collection of vintage religious Christmas figurines... not sure how I started collecting these... but they are fun.
Some of them I found in my grandma's garage a few years ago after grandpa passed away and we were cleaning the place out.
 This man was a hoarder FO SHO.
We pulled out 7 coffee makers and 3 thigh masters and multiple sets of skis,among other things.
 Anyway, I found a box with a few of these inside with some cloth and paper... which i later discovered was a rat nest and it was full of droppings... Don't worry I washed these off before putting them in my house. Lovely.

Is your house all decorated and ready for the holidays?!
Steve is putting up the lights outside tonight! I guess I should toss out my pumpkin that has been  sitting on the front porch since Halloween....

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Nikki said...

We got our tree at home depot. So expensive! Normally we head to the mountains with a $10 permit, but there was too much snow this year.

Still working on my decor, but my nativity scene is missing a baby jesus.