Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Claus called, He wants his CraZy StraW back.

Steve and I spent Christmas Eve at his Aunt's house with his family.

I am modeling my new ruffled plaid shirt Steve's mom got me!
(It was on the wish list)

Here is Christmas Morning at my parent's house

One of my fun gifts from Steve, a Totoro hat! If you haven't watched the movie, you should. It is super cute...and there is a cat that is a bus, it's awesome.

                 My sister knitted me a hat that is also a scarf that is also mittens!

                                One of dad's random finds that was rather appropriate for the year!

  I surprised Steve with a big Craftsman tool box.
 This will allow me more leg room in his truck. Right now all the tools are piled on the floor because they don't have any where else to go!
So, it was also a gift for myself I guess.

Our pretend family

  Steve's adorable niece.
This is what we would look like if we had a kid... except I doubt she would be blond and I'm betting I would be fatter....
 My best impression of Toddlers & Tiaras

In the kitchen with my new apron

I hit up ONE after Christmas sale and spent $$$$.
All Holiday decor was 50% off so I stocked up!
Some things I bought are gifts for other people so I could post them on here :(

But here are things I bought for myself!
Some of them are for crafts that I have in mind.

All bought at Wrights Home & Garden. 
This place is a Winter Wonderland!

I went there for the first time last month and wanted literally everything in the store but didn't buy a single thing. I waited... and waited.. for the sale.
Then i fought my way through the crowds and loaded my cart with anything and everything I could get my hands on.

I definitely had a strategy. I went alone so I wouldn't be distracted. I grabbed everything I was interested in and put it in my cart. I made 3 laps through the store. Then before checkout, i sorted through everything and pulled out what I could live without and kept what I HAD to have.

Adorable little cakes!

It's hard to tell but she is sitting on a fish hook

Giant gold crown!

I got this candle for Christmas from my mom. Love it.

Stocking holders for Steve and me.

Since I love to bake- I got 3 aprons this year as gifts!

The Christmas one is from Steve's aunt.
The cherries & cupcakes one my mom sewed for me. The green and black on my sister sewed for me. It even has a pocket on the bib for my business cards and my name embroidered on it!

I also got this great cupcake book from Steve's brother and his girlfriend. Check out these Chinese Takeout Cupcakes!

My other favorite. Squirrel cupcakes!

Here are some of the goods from my parents! ( no pictured: full size ironing board)

                          Cute KUT coat mom picked out for me!

Aaaaaand Steve got me the earrings I have been wanting!!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday.
I got way more than I needed  in material items.
I have exactly what I need in non-material items, and I can't wait to see what the New Year brings!


Tyler said...

sweet tool box!

Nikki said...

Great gifts! You made out like a bandit!