Friday, December 3, 2010

Spanx you very much

Over the weekend, I tried on my plum dress for Steve's holiday party. It fits... like a glove... somehow, considering it's a size 10 and that's not what I wear. Its like sisterhood of the traveling dress or something. Anyway, there is one slight problem with it.
I need to wear something under it to smooth things out a bit.
I'm sure no one else could tell the difference but I want to feel good in it, so I decided it was time to invest in some Spanx.

 I have never bought or worn a pair before.
Usually if I have clothing that required spanx, I deam it too small and don't even bother wearing it!
This dress isn't too small, it's just a material that would look much better on me if I have something holding the bumps all in. So I started my search at Kohl's. Of course everything was on sale. Love that place! I tried on about 5 different styles and settled on one with shorts. No lines to worry about and it goes from under my bust line to my thighs.

Trying the assortment on in the dressing room however was a feat in it's self. I felt like I was strangling myself trying to get them on.
The final product of a girl in spanx is usually "Hot" , the process of a girl getting into spanx is a " Hot Mess"

I brought it home and wanted to try it on with my dress to see if it did the job. Steve was in the room watching me trying to get into this contraption. It was so embarrassing, I told him not to look. It was like cramming my entire lower half into a band aid that is 3 sizes too small.... but once it is all in place... glorious!

Look at these before and after photos! It really does wonders!

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Nikki said...

Hahaha! I swear my yoga pants are spanx material because I think I look pretty good in them. Then I take them off and it's like I never worked out!