Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Auction

Thursday night was the Chocolate for Choice Auction.
 There was a great turn out and a lot of delicious treats!
Patty Murray showed up and spoke and my blog even got publicly mentioned!
( Not by Patty, although, that would have been pretty cool. * "Yeah... Ol' Pats reads my blog..I'm kind of a big deal" That's what I would call her, Pats.*

Anyway, back to reality.

An interesting dude that I had met at this benefit a few years ago was set up next to my table so I got to hang out with him through the evening.
 His name is Steve Whippo.
The year before last, he did a great chocolate display of hands.
It was completely 3 dimensional and awesome.
This year he did a solid chocolate replica of a Picasso painting.
Which was neat since I has just seen the real thing in person a few weeks ago at the Picasso exhibit in Seattle!

I didn’t win the tasting award as I had hoped. Although my auction cake brought in a nice donation from a Seattle Counsel member.  
This cake is always such a hit, I really thought I had a good chance.
 I also got a chance to talk with the owner of Cupcake Royal. 
She was a real doll. All in all, the night was a success and I am ready for the weekend.


Jennifer Scavone said...

hey =) i like your blog!!!

feel free to visit mine at


Nikki said...

Your cake looks so yummy! How did you cut it into those perfect little squares? There must be a secret.

I'd love to meet the owner of cupcake royale. I'm a loyal royale.