Thursday, January 20, 2011

Could Gluten-Free set me Free?!

I haven’t disclosed any real info on my diet yet via blog and I still plan to do so.
Until that fine day of writing occurs I wanted to share some of the new foods I have been adding to my diet. In my research during dieting, I learned that calories and fat really aren’t the devil for me.
It’s carbs and strange genetically modified ingredients that my body doesn’t recognize that are.

I have been making an effort to eat more organic foods and cutting out processed and genetically altered products from my diet.
I am feeling a lot better and haven’t gained any weight back since my 17 lb loss.

In the past my “diet” consisted of 100 calorie snack packs, pudding cups, skim milk, non fat dairy products and low fat frozen dinners. While focusing only on the amount of fat and calories in everything, I wasn’t paying any attention to the ingredients in anything. Or for that matter, my own body and how it was unable to process certain foods, thus causing weight gain and energy loss.

I switched to 2 % milk, use all regular fat dairy products, but make sure they are organic or natural, no processed cheese products and switched to Greek yogurt. I changed my bread, cereal and crackers, not choosing them by the carb. or calorie content but by ingredients and whole grains.
I started using gluten free rice pasta in place of regular noodles and make gluten free pancakes or scrambled eggs for breakfast on the weekends.

I figured I am not going to eat perfectly clean everyday all of the time.
Although if I try to do so when I am at home or at work, then when I do happen to go out to a restaurant where there are less healthy options, it’s okay to splurge.
I found a good rule of thumb is that "if you are going to eat naughty, make it yourself."
 You want French fries? Fine but you can’t get them at Burger King. Make them at home.
You want cookies? Fine, but you can’t get store bought. Make them from scratch.
Living by this rule, allows you to eat “naughty” foods in a healthier way.

For example homemade foods have less preservatives, additives, fats and sugars than something you might get from a restaurant.
Plus, you are going to eat a lot less of these things if you have to make them yourself.
How convenient is it to make your own French fries?!

Last night I wanted to try out a new package of Gluten-free bread mix I bought.
 I used it to make pizza dough. It was great!
 Mind you, it wasn’t going to fool anybody into thinking it was gourmet style from a restaurant pizzeria… but for gluten free, it was damn good.

Here is the recap

The bread mix
( Super easy btw. It comes with its own yeast packet. Add water and Olive oil, mix and rest 1 hr. Done!)

Salad and pizza toppings ready to go
(Peppers, Tomatoes, Avocado, Goat Cheese, Apples)

Almost done

Tah-Dah! The Spread

Some other delicious snacks I picked up!
I am normally not a huge fan of Kashi products as far as taste, but these cookies are great.


Christina Martinez said...

I almost jumped through my screen for that Donut. Thanks.

Nikki said...

Ooh I'll have to tell my Sister about using the mix for the dough! Everyone's body is different and I'm finding out that we all have these strange reactions to things that either f's us up or not. My Husband just went off gluten and feels so much better, and I feel better when I just don't any grains at all. Sometimes I'll have a little, but if I over indulge I pay.

Sounds like you're on the right track though. I whole heartedly agree with living without processed foods. And I definitely need to try the making stuff at home instead. You should check out Elana's Pantry . I love her coconut flour and almond flour baked goods!