Monday, January 3, 2011

Dancing with Anteaters & Babies in a Jar

This weekend seemed to go on forever.

Not that I wanted to come back to work today, but I felt like I was really treading water these last few days.

Here is a reverse recap.

Last night I got out of the shower and Steve had already gone to bed and turned off all the lights. I walked head first into the partially open bedroom door.

I was in a bad mood all day, Steve and I bought snowboarding gear for our upcoming ski trip. We took our Christmas tree to a Boy Scouts recycling stand in the QFC Parking lot. They advertised that they take donations, which was fine; we planned on giving them money anyway. Although, I felt like changing my mind about that when 2 boys with money cans hovered around my car window as Steve unloaded the tree. Isn’t the point of a donation that I have a choice to give you money?! If you are going to hound me… why don’t you just charge a fee!

We went to see Black Swan with Steve’s brother and his Girlfriend.

It was strange.

I was prepared for that after reading reviews from friends.
 I really hated Requiem for a Dream and it was by the same director.

I can basically sum it up to Fight Club meets Ballet. It’s creepy and twisted and dark. I felt it was very realistic as far as what it’s like to be a dancer though. I did competitive dance and ballet for about 13 years of my life. Though I was far from professional, I grew up in that world a little bit so it was fun to see.

PS: Mila Kunis is hot.

I made some bacon for breakfast and I thought it may have gone bad, but I didn’t want to waste it.
 Pretty sure it was bad, since I felt like puking all day.
The Theater we went to was right by an outlet mall that has a Lululemon Athletica store.
 I love their clothes, but they are on the pricey side for workout attire in my opinion.
Mostly, because I don’t workout much.
I wanted a pair of Wunder Under Pants though.
I am going to wear them as my base layer when we go skiing. I found a pair for about $30.00 less than they normally are in the store. Still expensive, but better than nothing. They are SO comfy! I will probably not wear them in public….. ever! Since they are basically leggings, but they will keep me warm “under” everything. Which is much needed with Seattle’s current weather!

This weekend it was 22 degrees on New Year's Eve!

For new years Steve and I went to dinner in Belltown. I was planning all week on going to Wasabi Bistro. I love that place and their Sushi.
Unfortunately, they are closed for Remolding.
 So, per advice from a coworker we made reservations at Ventana.

It was delicious! They had a special menu for New Year's Eve and it was 3 courses with champagne for $50.00 a person. Steve had Fettuccine Alfredo, it could have used a little more sauce. It also had a poached "hen's egg" onto. Nice touch. We decided it was rather silly that it was called a "Hen's" egg though, because all female birds are technically “hens” and male birds, don’t lay eggs.

I had fried chicken and waffles. Yeah…. I know what you are thinking..." Aren't you on a diet?!" Yes... but this is the first time in more than a month that I kinda didn't care. I ate it all and it was Fabulous! The crispy seasoned chicken and cheddar waffles were served on top of whipped potatoes and sauced with maple brown butter glaze and toasted walnuts. Perfect combo of savory and sweet. I know I will crave this later in life.

Then we finished off the meal with red velvet cake
( I have a strong opinion about this cake and I will voice it in another post)

 And s ‘more brownie something a rather.
We left the restaurant $270.00 poorer (drinks add up don't they!?) then headed to a friend's condo to play games, hang out, drink and watch the fireworks on the Space Needle.

Group Photo

Fast forward to Pajama dancing with an anteater, planning a trip to Hawaii, guessing how many babies we could fit in a jar & me driving home at 3 am with Steve puking out the window.

Next morning, slightly hung over and having accomplished none of the things I planned for the weekend, I went antiquing in Snohomish with my parents.

I bought a deep dish Pyrex Pie dish to add to my collection and a few vintage bottles to use for a craft I have in mind.

Now it is back to the grind. 
 I also realized I forgot to make a new year's resolution ...but I'm kinda over it now.
Did you make one?


Nikki said...

Those waffles and fried chicken look amazing! I've never heard of that restaurant. We had sushi plans too, but they fell through. I ended up stuffing fresh rolls down my throat before a wedding. Fun times!

I think I'll still see Black Swan ;)

Graciepie said...

You will like it i think. It was weird but the dancing in it made it worth while even if you dont care for the mind games