Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hittin' the slopes in style.... or maybe just face first.

Over the last week, I have spent entirely too much on snow gear.
 When Steve and I were invited to rent a house with some friends at Schweitzer mountain we just looked at the price of lodging and travel and said " Yes, we can afford that."
Later on  it occurred to us that aside from my snowboarding coat.... we didn't have anything else we needed!

Obviously my biggest concern is clothing and looking fashionable on the slopes, because let's face it, I don't have a lot going for me besides that.

So, let the shopping begin.
 I bought a pair of Foursquare snowboarding pants for myself. They are boot cut, so they are a little more fitted that regular snow pants but not tight at all. I have plenty of room to move around and wear my Wunder Under Pants!
They are  insulated but I am usually cold, so I figured I would need a base layer.

Here is my jacket. Its Bonfire.
I love it.
 I have infinite pockets and storage in it. When I wear it, I always find something new!

My new Dakine gloves
 ( wish they were white)

We bought Steve these Boarding Pants.
They are Sims brand, which is Sports Authority's personal brand I guess.
They are insulated and waterproof. Should be good to go.

We also got this Columbia Snowboard jacket for him & new boots too!

I am planning on renting all my equipment, since I have only skied once in my life... I don't see the point in buying them.
I won't know the difference between rental trash and decent stuff anyway.

This will be me

As far as lodging goes, were unable to secure the FREAKIN Mansion , we had originally planned for.
 Due to friends who can't seem to make commitments.
Those people, may or may not show up.
In which case they will crash on the floor.
So we ended up booking a smaller abode, but it should be sufficient.

Besides what I will be wearing, my other top concern is food.... for obvious reasons.
 I don't have my full menu planned as of yet but I know I am making muffins for breakfast one morning.

On the muffin menu:
Almond Cherry
Maple Bacon
Coconut Raspberry

Yes, muffins are just ugly cupcakes.... but I love them too.

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