Monday, January 31, 2011

Just the tip- just to see how it feels.

Yes, this is a story about a tease.
After all the complaining I have been doing about finding a house that is even CLOSE to something we could call home, we found one.

It needs some major revamping, but the bones, property and neighborhood are everything we want. We made an offer on Thursday on our way out of town to go skiing in Idaho.
We got a phone call from the realtor Friday telling us the seller countered back.
We didn't care for her offer back... and decided to move on..there will be more houses to choose from we told ourselves.
 I continued on with my ski trip, convinced this must not be the house for us.
We got home last night and our realtor called us.
The seller made another counter offer back to us... even though we never countered her first counter offer. Confusing, i know.
Basically we played hard to get and it worked.
But, by this point we had talked ourselves out of this home and decided we should keep looking.

So, back to the drawing board. I'm more stressed and confused than I was before... and disappointed that I found something I loved and then had to say goodbye.

Mentally, I hard already packed and moved into this place.

I redid the floors and replaced the shag carpet.
 ( that is still in excellent shape BTW! They built stuff to last back in the day)
And added a mantel to the brick fireplace

I tore down the wood paneling and painted the walls
I put together our new king size bed in the master

and fit our dinning room table that seats 12 into the formal space.

It all fit... in my mind.
It all worked out perfectly in my mind.

Sometimes it is so much easier to live in my head than real life.
 Real life can be so discouraging
Steve said we could live in a cardboard box and be happy as long as we have each other, which is true.
I know we have a lot more than so many people in this world.
I feel guilty being this sad over not getting a house that we were maybe kinda going to get.
Thank god we have families and jobs and clothes on our backs ....and a cat.
I really can't complain I guess. But, I do.
"Every party needs a pooper, that's why we invited you! Party pooper. Party Pooper."


Nikki said...

Hang in there, it will probably take awhile. Even in this market. I'd love some of that furniture though! Awesome!

We put an offer on a house in Snoqulamie once, but they didn't accept it. Thank God because the next year the river rose and it flooded for the first time in forever. So much for the whole 100 year flood plain thing.

Megan said...

Awww, so sorry that it fell through! Just know that there is a perfect house out there waiting! It's totally normal to be disappointed, too!

Michaela said...

I'm so sorry! I have had this happen to our family and I was so sad. Don't worry, though. Everything happens for a reason and like Megan said, you're perfect house will be here before you know it!