Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Price is WRONG B*tch!

First things first.
There is a Bun in the oven.
(or in my case, a pie)
We needed to get some furniture to store it in when it comes out.
Of course everything I loved online was more expensive than the king size mattress I want for my own bed.
So, I jumped on Craigslist.
I have gotten most of my furniture off Craigslist and it is always an incredible deal.

Case in point;
My new nursery set!

I was able to score this cute white Pottery Barn arrangement for a mere $300.00.
It retails at over $1100.00!
It is like brand new too.
 Some of the items still have tags on them.

Convertible 4 way Crib  & End Table

Changing Table with Storage Bins and Boxes

Baby Bentley!
You bet.
And it works for any theme and any gender!
This was a Craigslist Win.


Katia said...

Swaaaweet! Score! Nicely done.

graciepie said...

Thank you! Now I just need a finished room to put it all in!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

How far along are you?? You are on the ball with that stuff! I am such a procrastinator when it comes to buying/organizer/arranging bedrooms. Bennett's wasn't even done until about a week before he was born. And this 2nd baby? Ha ha. This poor child won't have a room ready for him for quite some time. I'm too cheap to buy another crib so I'm going to wait until Bennett is out of his crib, and then move it to baby #2's room. Not that you needed all of this information. I am just here to say good for you for getting things rolling early - it will be a nice breather for you to have it all already before baby comes!

graciepie said...

Hey i couldnt pass this up. I am 12 weeks now. The room wont be done for months...and when i say done im talking drywalled and carpeted! So for now,i get to buy furniture!

Shmappy Land Productions said...

The really is a great deal! A friend of mine always finds BAGS of baby clothes, gently used. She's picky when looking for clothes, like she only buys baby clothes from peeps in Bellevue, lol. But I agree, craigslist can definitely be a win-win!

Nikki said...

Love that you already bought it! Ahead of the game!