Monday, January 24, 2011

Why does it smell like dead bodies in here?

We have a second freezer in our garage.
It stores extra groceries but mainly game and meat Steve brings home from hunting.
It plugs into an outlet near the door inside the garage.

This outlet had an extension cord plugged into it during Christmas so that we could run our Christmas lights from it.
Steve took down the lights a few weeks ago.
I went in the garage the next day and saw the extension cord still plugged into the wall .
I yanked it out assuming it had been forgotten about when the lights were taken down.

Saturday I come home from my tattoo appointment and as soon as I walk in the front door I can smell something weird. I mention it to Steve when I get up stairs. He doesn't smell it; I clean the litter box and take out the trash. Then we go to dinner. When we get home, Steve agrees there is a smell in the house, but we can not locate it. We end up blaming it on Bentley and figured she pooped behind the couch or something.
Sunday we get ready to leave to go house shopping but first we need to unload some stuff out of the truck into the garage. Upon opening the garage...the smell is strong... I look around and there is a stream blood on the floor... coming from under the freezer.

We found the culprit.
Steve and I both look over at the outlet, where nothing is plugged in.
Steve says to me,” So , when did you unplug that?" To which I respond, "oh about 2 1/2 weeks ago."
Little did I know, in Steve's finagling of lights and cords, he had plugged the freezer into the other end of the extension cord.
The remainder of our Sunday evening is spent bagging rotten meat and sopping up the smelliest bloody liquid you can imagine. The garage door was open and I was a driveway 2 cars away and I could still smell it wafting out to the street.

I can't imagine what our neighbors must think; they had to have smelled it too.
It was strong enough that we had to gulp fresh air and quickly work while holding our breath before stepping away and taking a minute to break in between.
I felt like we needed respirator masks to carry out our clean up like we entered a Meth Lab or something.

To my knowledge , I have never smelled a real dead body. I estimate this scent was fairly close to it though.
Scrubbing the hardened blood off the cement floor with my latex gloves on made me feel like a real CSI agent .
 That part was kind of cool. The rest really sucked.
Not to mention all the wasted food! Sorry Steve.


Nikki said...

Oh my! Nasty. You guys are still newlyweds though so I'm sure he didn't get mad right? ;)

Chelsea said...

That is horrifying. I would have made it much worse by vomiting into the bloody liquid. PS I love your blog :)

Angela said...

Poor baby animals!