Monday, February 28, 2011

The Loftiest of friends

This weekend Steve and I went to The Loft Cafe & Social Lounge in Edmonds with some friends.
We needed a break from packing the house. A task which seems to be never ending.
The menu had me drooling all day. I couldn't wait to try everything!

Here is Steve and me!

(Today is our 6 month Anniversary btw and we are signing the papers on our new house!!!)

I started off with a Coconut Mojito

For an Appetizer we had the Quattro Formage.

 Which Included; Beecher's reserve white Cheddar, Bleu cheese stuffed peppadew peppers, truffle goat cheese, purple moon cheddar,
Prosciutto di San Daniele, Candied poached pear, pomegranate vinaigrette, seasonal fruits and nuts,
French demi baguette

Delish and perfect for sharing.


Peter had a flaming cheese.

Which they poured 151 on table side after igniting it.
Not much of a plate of food, but it was a good show.

Here it is on fire.

Rachel and I had the Pear and Gorgonzola Ravioli

Caramelized pear, Gorgonzola cheese, Roasted fennel onion crème, toasted pistachios
I wish they had given us more though.

Steve had Surf n' Turf
Apple wood smoked Bacon, grilled beef tenderloin, blackened prawns, Basil whipped russet
potatoes, Marsala demi glace, seasonal veggies, truffle potato hash
Which he gobbled down in a few bites.

Still hungry for more, we shared a sunday.
Served with hot fudge on the side, this tuile dish was filled with the creamiest scoops of chocolate pistachio ice cream.
We should have just ordered this for dinner instead.
Seriously ,this ice cream was amazing.

I also got the Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake:
Sinful chocolate layer cake with ganache and salted caramel sauce, served with whipped cream & berries  (there were no berries though)

It was a great night due to the fact that we were out with friends and eating food. As far as a restaurant review, I would have liked larger portions.
Not to mention the restaurant its self was rather cramped.
I was expecting something more sprawling or lofty (pun intended) and lounge like. 
Maybe next time we will just hit up Purple.
Sorry, Loft, you fell a little short.. and there were so many other things I wanted to try!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Clean cup, clean cup ,move down, move down.

Well, I didn't get to buy the "Alice in Wonderland House" but I can still decorate like I did!

My mom and I have been collecting antique china, tea cups and saucers for years.
All the while planning to make something cool with them or display the unique pieces on the wall some day.
Currently they all live in a box on the floor.
 I think I discovered their future.

How cool is this lamp.
My mom has tinkered around with a couple pieces of her own, building and gluing small stacks to use as candle holders, but this floor lamp kinda blows that out of the water.
 The pink room really tops it off too I think.

What got the china stacking on my mind was finding these white Tea Pot Pendant lamps at Anthropologie this week.
I have been looking for some kind of light fixture to replace the current florescent one in the kitchen and a few of these dangling in a row would be SO CUTE!
( I'm sure Steve would love it too.... not.)
But, who spends more time in the kitchen!?

Here they are individually

They are hallow porcelain and the bulb hangs inside them.

There are 3 different styles

And they come with the matching ceiling fixture to.
They are hard wire only.

Originally $288.00 each ( yeah, I know...WTF.) but now on Clearance and affordable.
Love it or hate it?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Time Traveler's Wife

My passport is expiring this year.
I have been meaning to renew it anyway since changing my last name.
I had to get new photos taken for it.
When I sat to get the picture, the technician told me I was not allowed to smile.
Apparently they changed the rules.
I argued that I was smiling in my old photo though, so he let me go ahead and do it.
I guess we will see if the agency accepts it that way.

Here is my new photo


Here is my old photo from 10 years ago
                                                       Don’t look THAT different, eh?
 I had to get my passport when I was 17 so that I could go on a trip to Italy with my high school
humanities class.
 Even though it was the summer between my junior and senior year, my parents told me itwould count as my senior trip.
I remember being so annoyed because I wanted to go to Mexico like everyone else did senior year.
 Looking back now, I made the right choice.
I have been lucky enough to go back again since then and see “the old country.”
 If you haven’t been…. It’s worth your while.
I would insert some fun photos of me in Italy at 17 right about now… but I packed my house this weekend… and they are in a box somewhere stacked in the garage.

Sorry. So, here are some photos of random people in Italy I found online instead.


I really did go to Pomei, so this is almost real....




Monday, February 21, 2011

It comes after 26

This weekend my family took me out to dinner to celebrate my Birthday.
Here are some of the wonderful gifts they got me!

We will start off with the cat book.
Steve is baffled that there is a book dedicated to photos of wet cats.
 But, there is... and it's awesome.

Three new books: 
Garlic and Sapphires- Ruth Reichl
I  know I am, but what are you? - Samatha Bee
The Idiot Girl & the Flaming Tantrum of Death- Laurie Notaro

A white Virgin Mary to add to my collection
A vintage pink glass ballerina lamp ( missing a shade)

And the creme de la creme of oddities.. the clam shell Jesus night light!

Yep, this baby plugs in.

Cutest card ever

And the cuckoo clock from Fireworks I had on my wish list!!!
 Can't wait to hang it in the new house!!

Dispite everyone at work thinking I was turning 23 this year.... I still feel incredibly old.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chalk it up to live, we all need some art

I love the chalk walls I keep seeing in homes!
I think they are such a fun, unique thing to add to a kitchen or random blank space.
Chalkboard paint is inexpensive and you can finish the area off with some trim moulding painted in any color you want.
 Or spray an old mirror that already has a great frame around it!
It is so simple but has a great impact.

This one goes with the kitchen perfectly, it looks built in.

This one is more like permanent art rather than a note pad.
 I think chalkboard is a great foundation for sketches and drawings though.
 You could write your favorite quotes on it and then spray with a clear coat of paint or lacquer to seal it on forever.

Or jot down recipes!

I think this one over the buffet is my favorite.
 It would be fun to change up for different holidays or occasions too.

This is super artsy! Not sure if I have enough balls to paint my fridge though.

Here they used an old door and painted the glass window.
I think this is a great idea. I sprayed old single pane windows like this for my wedding and wrote the dinner and bar menus on them.

It didn't even think about doing a cabinet like this, what a fun way to leave messages for your family at home!

Do you have a chalkboard in your house?! If so, how do you use it?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A lesson in history from Miss Ethel

Over the weekend we had our inspection on the house and all went well!
 Of course we ran into the expected issues of things you would find in any old home. For example: the original knob and tube electrical in sections of the house and two prong outlets!
So we will have to update those things eventually.

Electrical Example

We were lucky enough to be there on the same morning as the family members who put the home up for sale and are the caretakers of Miss Ethel.
I was excited to hear some history on the home, all we knew was that there had been one owner.

We learned that Ethel was born in this house and lived her all her life.
She is now 89 and can no longer live alone and has been moved to a home.
She had a hard time leaving the house and putting it up for sale and they were glad that we recognized the character and charm the house offered.

Apparently there was a house on the same lot previous to this house.
It was built in 1905.
The house was torn down in 1925 and this house was built in it's place.
The light fixtures in the living room were bought at Custer Hardware a long time family owned Hardware store in Renton.
Last year when the family first decided to put the house on the market, they had an antique dealer come through the home to appraise some items so they could decide what to take and what to leave with the home.
 These light fixtures were priced at over $500.00 a piece.
They are in perfect condition.

Photo of Hardware store in Renton taken in 1880

The said light fixtures

The 3 lamp light fixture in the dinning room is out of the original house that was built in 1905 and later moved into the newer home when it was built, so it is an even older piece.

Down stairs in the basement there is a section of old cabinetry with shutter latches and glass window cupboards along with a butcher block topped work bench.
This was out of the kitchen of the 1905 house!
A perfect place for an Arts n' Crafts Station!
 It’s painted “my green” color too! I love it.

The latches

The Green

There were all kinds of treasures in the basement that hadn’t yet been moved out by the family.
Tools, nails, screws, wood trunks that used to keep fire wood, a drill press, bench vices, old wine decanters and jugs and the original kitchen stove form 1925!
Steve, the pack rat, convinced them to leave these things behind for us.

This kitchen stove runs off wood or coal.
The cast iron burners lift off the porcelain base with a hook and you load in your coals with a little shovel.

Obviously, not practical in this day and age but pretty cool to keep with the house as an original appliance. How many people have those kinds of things!?

Similar to this
In typical Renton fashion my parents know everyone.
No one gets out of Renton. I got out… and moved to California… and somehow came back and now I am buying a house there.
 If you had told me this was my future 5 years ago, I would have laughed in your face.
Anyway, my mom seems to run into someone she knows everywhere we go.
I am not talking friends here, these are strangers that are some how connected to her or someone she knows or a friend of a friend’s sister who knew her high school science teacher.
When we were talking to Ethel’s family members, one of them was wearing a Liberty High school sweatshirt.

My mom asked if he had kids that went there. He said yes, but he grew up in Renton and actually went to Hazen. Well, surprise surprise, so did my parents.
They know is sister.
It's like twilight zone.
Oh and she used to work at the old Roxy theater downtown back in the day, which was managed by so and so, who mom also knows and another so and so grew up down the street and he owns a house around the corner and on and on....
I can’t take them anywhere.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone has a great day today, whether you have a sweet heart or not.
Today should be celebrated !
Just because you don't have a baby daddy in your life, remember all your friends and family that love you so much!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Left to die

Welcome home.

Remember the gorgeous main level I showed you all the photos of before?

Prepare yourselves for the upstairs!
Today we had our inspection and all went well.
As you can see in the following photos, the upper level hasn't had any TLC for the years?
Miss Ethel, whom I learned was actually born in this home didn't use the upstairs level much.
 She lived alone and is now 89 and has relocated.
Don't be fooled by the water stains on the walls.
The roof is brand new and has actually been replaced twice since these stains were created.
For some unknown reason, she just never made the effort to clean up the damage and now that the house is structurally sound, the upstairs looks a mess.

Under all this mismatched linoleum are pine floors to match the downstairs.
Just waiting to be refinished by us!
 I also learned one of the reasons the floors downstairs are in such great shape is because for the last 50 years they have been covered by linoleum and gold shag carpet!
The family ripped it all out and refinished the pine & oak before putting it up for sale.

This is inside one of the bedrooms upstairs.
It appears there was a mini door here, perhaps to store children in at one time.
 Okay maybe not, but in any case someone wallpapered over it and the it was used again later.
Possibly to assess damage when the roof was leaking.

I thought this was.... for lack of a better word  "Precious."

Hot isn't it?!

This is all cosmetic though, we just need to rip all this junk down.
 I swear there is potential under all this. You just wait and see!

Here is the other bedroom. 

This funny door is off the hallway.
It leads you into the eves of the house.
 Awkward to walk in but good storage. This door comes up to my hip.

This door leads to the other side of the eve, it is tall enough to walk in and use for a closet or something.
I love the doors and the knobs.
The sellers also left us all the original skeleton keys for the doors too.

Heading back down stairs

Who wants to come paint with me!?
We will supply the beer.