Friday, February 25, 2011

Clean cup, clean cup ,move down, move down.

Well, I didn't get to buy the "Alice in Wonderland House" but I can still decorate like I did!

My mom and I have been collecting antique china, tea cups and saucers for years.
All the while planning to make something cool with them or display the unique pieces on the wall some day.
Currently they all live in a box on the floor.
 I think I discovered their future.

How cool is this lamp.
My mom has tinkered around with a couple pieces of her own, building and gluing small stacks to use as candle holders, but this floor lamp kinda blows that out of the water.
 The pink room really tops it off too I think.

What got the china stacking on my mind was finding these white Tea Pot Pendant lamps at Anthropologie this week.
I have been looking for some kind of light fixture to replace the current florescent one in the kitchen and a few of these dangling in a row would be SO CUTE!
( I'm sure Steve would love it too.... not.)
But, who spends more time in the kitchen!?

Here they are individually

They are hallow porcelain and the bulb hangs inside them.

There are 3 different styles

And they come with the matching ceiling fixture to.
They are hard wire only.

Originally $288.00 each ( yeah, I know...WTF.) but now on Clearance and affordable.
Love it or hate it?

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Nikki said...

Those are awesome all lit up. I think one or two would look cute as long as it's not paired with a bunch of mismatched florals ;)