Friday, February 4, 2011

Into the looking glass

This afternoon Steve and I will embark on a house hunt yet again.
We have quite the variety lined up.
We have dropped our original price range down a bit to allow those homes that need a little TLC into the mix. Sometimes there are diamonds in the rough and if we can find a good deal, we are willing to put in the work to make it awesome.

Really, the only house worth mentioning today is the home Steve and I have dubbed
 "The Alice and Wonderland house"
This structure is strange to say the least... but could... maybe... possibly have potential.
If anything, I just really really really want to see it in person, in all its splendor.

 I think changes have been made to it each decade and nothing has ever been removed.
So you can see that cool old craftsmen at the bottom layer, then we have some panelling added on top of that. Followed by
wall paper, drop ceilings, paint, the list goes on and on.
None of the rooms are consistent either. It's like a different world through each doorway!
 What more could I possibly want!!?

It was built in 1909.
Check out this 2,360 sq ft hot mess.

I know , right?!

The upside:  It sits on two lots and the taxes are low. Atleast we have that going for us!
I will keep ya'll posted on what it looked like in real life!


Nikki said...

Holy moly! It makes me dizzy to look at but I see the potential! Amazing potential actually. And that fridge is awesome. Good luck!

Angela said...

Hot mess is right! WOW! I think it need a little more than TLC though. Good luck & let me know how it goes! (BTW - damask wallpaper again?? How are you finding these homes?? And where were they when I was looking!)

Lindsi said...

I think it looks cool! Hopefully the pix do it justice!! :)

Megan said...

Ahhhh, I love it! It's so unique! It would definitely need lots of TLC...but it sounds like a good deal!

Katia said...

Woaah! Can't wait to hear about this one! House hunting is so NOT easy.