Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's decorate, it's a good week!

Good news to share
with ya'll!
Our offer on the house was accepted!

We are so excited to start this new chapter of our lives & create a place that is all our own!
This is a first home purchase for both of us and we are really looking forward to it.
 This weekend we have our inspection and then we can move forward with everything and hopefully have the keys to our new place in the next month if all goes well!

Recently I have been brainstorming how we will fit all our stuff in this place.
There is plenty of square footage for two people, don’t get me wrong.
But, let’s face it, this house was built in 1925. The room sizes and layouts are a little different than a modern day home.
Anyway, in researching d├ęcor and design this week, I have come across some neat ideas.


I love this kitchen. These stainless half moons are my favorite drawer pulls too.
Also I am a huge fan of the apron front sink.
I think the cubbies inside the window to the left are really smart too.

This kitchen is amazing.
That's all i can say about that.

Maybe I should paint every room pink.....this is such a great compilation of
cottage meets girly eclectic bungalow.
There is my sink again.
I liked this facet a lot... but I think this kitchen needs a little pop of color in it.They did a good job with the moulding above the cabinets though.
 It finishes them off really nicely.

I thought this was a great storage idea.

This blue is a tad bright but it works in this room.
 I love all the white against it.
This built in hutch is perfection.
I need one.... or two of these.

Don't mind the kiddo.
 I LOVE this shade of blue!
It's so fun and bright but warm at the same time.
I would love to do a room in this color.

What were the FIRST changes you made to your home when you moved into it?!



Katia said...

Yay! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you, & to read about your changes on the house. We have been in our "fixer" for about 4 1/2 yrs. We started with the master bedroom. It had really old butterfly wallpaper in there that HAD to go! We have done many, many projects since. Including project baby #1, & currently project baby #2. Save some money for a few vacations. Because you will feel like you need one really bad between projects! Good Luck!

Nikki said...

Don't let Katia fool you...Bryan and I helped her pull down some of that wallpaper ;)

We hacked down our fireplace and built a mantle. I LOVE apron sinks too. Ikea has one that is pretty resonable but our countertops were too shallow.

Angela said...

Yippy!!! Congrats!

Meagan Duranleau said...

Very Pretty Grace! I like where you're heading! I'm excited to see what you have planned.

Michaela said...

Yay! How wonderful (: I love the pictures above!

Hope to see you at our blogger meet up! I see you're in Seattle (:

Chelsea said...

Hooray! So excited for you! All we have done to our house is paint a few rooms. It is so basic and not decorated right now. Finally a year and a half (and project baby #1) later I am starting to try to decorate...on a budget. No beautiful new sink for me anytime soon. :) Have fun!

Graciepie said...

Thanks guys! I will def. have a house warming/ painting party so you can all come help me. :)

Nikki- I looked at that sink at Ikea! They had a floor model in the AS-IS section for cheap and I was tempted but didn't have a house to put it inat the time!

Michaela- I think I will come! It sounds like a good time.

Meagan- I'm sure I will need your expertise

Katia & Chelsea- No baby projects ....yet!