Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Time Traveler's Wife

My passport is expiring this year.
I have been meaning to renew it anyway since changing my last name.
I had to get new photos taken for it.
When I sat to get the picture, the technician told me I was not allowed to smile.
Apparently they changed the rules.
I argued that I was smiling in my old photo though, so he let me go ahead and do it.
I guess we will see if the agency accepts it that way.

Here is my new photo


Here is my old photo from 10 years ago
                                                       Don’t look THAT different, eh?
 I had to get my passport when I was 17 so that I could go on a trip to Italy with my high school
humanities class.
 Even though it was the summer between my junior and senior year, my parents told me itwould count as my senior trip.
I remember being so annoyed because I wanted to go to Mexico like everyone else did senior year.
 Looking back now, I made the right choice.
I have been lucky enough to go back again since then and see “the old country.”
 If you haven’t been…. It’s worth your while.
I would insert some fun photos of me in Italy at 17 right about now… but I packed my house this weekend… and they are in a box somewhere stacked in the garage.

Sorry. So, here are some photos of random people in Italy I found online instead.


I really did go to Pomei, so this is almost real....





Lisa said...

The reason they won't allow you to smile anymore is because they use biometric facial recognition now, and it doesn't work if you smile. So the agency probably won't accept your photos. Sorry, especially since you look so cute in them!

Graciepie said...

Well, I will keep ya posted! Maybe I can slip through the cracks.. lol

Nikki said...

Don't tell me that, I was just about to pick France over Italy for my next trip since it would be cheaper. Then I'll do Southern Italy when I have babies so I can have those photos of bronzed little Italian babes on the beach. Makes sense in my head.

You haven't changed one bit.

Carly said...

They are total liars. I was told that when I got my passport photo taken too, and it turned out hideous. I was complaining about it to the actual passport agency (I had to get it rushed) and they said it was just some weird rumor. That was two years ago though...