Thursday, March 31, 2011

If it smells like trout, throw it out! Refridgerator ator.

When we looked at the house before purchase, there wasn't a refrigerator but the sellers said they would put a brand new one in.
After moving into the house, I was disappointed with the size and style they chose and wished they had just given us the money instead!

Then we could have put it toward the appliance of my choice.
(Yeah, that's right. My choice.)

We thought we were going to have to sell it on Craigslist to upgrade and wouldn't get near what it was worth since it was only 1 week old.
The washer and dryers we got came from King and Bunny in Renton.
When the delivery guy showed up with them, he told us he had just been to our house the week before and installed the fridge!

That's when I called up King and asked him what he could do for me.
He allowed us to return the old fridge for FULL PRICE and pay the difference for the new fridge.

Sometimes local businesses are awesome.
 ( And not just because they toss out candy at the Renton River Days Parade)

Finally there is room for the milk AND the pickles.



(Steve bought new tools at Sears the night before for this occasion.Using the last of our wedding gift cards)


I love it.

We decided to go with white because that's what the existing stove is.
 I think Stainless would have been a little too modern looking for my kitchen makeover anyway.
Steve even ran a water line to the ice maker inside after cutting the counter to fit.
 I am thinking a little dishwasher might need to go in that vacant space to the right.
 I cook, must I wash the dishes too!?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

I found God at Veg Fest 2011

Did I really just commit myself to pay $8.00 to hang out with a bunch of middle and new aged hippies to watch food demonstrations on juicers?
Yes. Yes I did.
Because sometimes, friends have to make sacrifices... and sometimes curiosity just gets the best of you

 So here I am, in the middle of a crowed room, wondering how I fit into this strange niche of people in hemp threaded clothing and organic reusable shopping bags.
I am the girl who gets paper inside plastic at the grocery store.
I buy plastic water bottles and don't reuse them and I didn't get a compost bucket till I moved into my new house and there wasn't a disposal.

After starting my diet in November I have been practicing clean eating and incorporating organic food into my life.
These were things I never paid attention to before.
I hadn't given much thought as to what would be an appropriate outfit to wear to this event., seeing how it was about food.
Once there, I was glad I had chose my jeans and cotton jacket over a fur trimmed leather coat.
(Or I probably would have gotten Greek yogurt dumped on me)

This expo was driven by more than just vegetables.
It was about humanity, the environment, animal cruelty and Jesus.
Yes, J.C. himself was a vegetarian.
(He just put the animals here to tease us apparently?)

A flyer I got.

I was overwhelmed with literature encouraging me to go Vegan &
informing me about the woes of dairy and the treatment of chickens.
Even buying only free range products doesn't resolve the mistreatment and tribulations that animals are subjected to.
Well, what about what I was just subjected to?
Photos of chickens being debeaked and malnourished cattle ruining my appetite!


This information made me sad.
I wish there were more regulated humane ways to treat our livestock.
 They don't have a voice of their own and it a really depressing situation.
Perhaps I am heartless and lack compassion, but with that said, I will continue to eat meat and drink milk.
They are just TOO FREAKING delicious.
Life is short. I refuse to live off tofurkey and almond milk.
Which btw are disgusting.

One amazing discovery did happened at this food mecca though.
( When i say mecca,I mean mecca. People traveled from far & wide to attend this event. It is apparently a huge deal. Washington state has one of the largest vegetarian organizations in the nation! I had no idea.)

I found god.
He goes by the name Dave and is a recovered Meth addict & ex con.
He bakes out of Portland, has a huge following, is pretty hot for an older man... and oh yeah he makes some kick ass breads!
(Watch the video, it's inspirational & cute)

Angela, Dave and me

This bread log I am holding below seemed to weigh about 5 lbs.
It's a hearty concoction of organic goodness swirled with cinnamon and whole grains.
Of course I went straight for it because it has a wiener dog on the label
 ( they are my favorite).

Then I tried a sample and I was hooked.

Not only was Dave's bread one of the most delicious foods I tasted at the expo, he by far had the coolest booth.
I got swag.

A reusable shopping bag, stickers and a coloring activity book.
This guy is totally on the same page as me.
You can find them at retailers like: QFC, Safeway, Fred Meyer and Costco.

Yummy list runner ups:
Apple Ginger juice by Genesis
The juices are made with a High Pressure Process, so no heating is involved.
This keeps all the healthy nutrients in for your body to enjoy!

And WOW cookies
(Which happen to be made in Kent!)
They are all natural wheat and gluten free cookies and they taste amazing.
Not, just amazing for a gluten free product but as a regular cookie!
They also sell cake mixes and dough you can bake yourself!
 They can be found at Amazon, Tully's coffee, PCC,Fred Meyer,Whole Foods and Metropolitan Markets.

All in all it was a learning experience.
I collected some great coupons and tried some interesting foods.
Like Vegan Calamari.
I think somethings are best left in their original form.
Squid rings just can't be vegetably replicated....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Steve's First Trip to Ikea!

My husband is a small town boy.
He refers to me as "a city girl" because I grew up in Renton. 
Which I think is hilarious considering no one from Seattle would ever call Renton the city.
Since our relationship has begun, we have both left our own comfort zones and dove into each other's worlds.
 He has taken me shooting guns,to the taxidermist and to events at the local Elk's club.
 I have taken him to Pike Place Market, tattoo parlors and Ikea.

Behold his first time in the temple of furniture.

 On our way to the store after work one night, he asked if there would be time to go somewhere else afterwards.
 I laughed knowing that the Ikea maze takes at least an hour to scoot through and much longer if you are an Ikea virgin.

Me: "No, there won't be time Steve, but I'll tell you what, you can get dinner at the restaurant inside."

Steve: " There is food....inside the furniture store?"

Me: "Prepare for your mind to be blown!"

Taking a break to read a book

Relaxing in the office

Touching the sweedish decor

And feasting on meat balls.
Steve:  "They are actually pretty good"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Warriors

This weekend I got in a lot of work around the house.
My friend Katie came over and helped me paint the soon to be pantry in the kitchen nook.
I used the same color paint as the dining room.
 The previous owners left behind all the paint they used around the house and I found a full can of the green!

All the junk they have left behind in the house has actually turned out to be super handy!
We haven't had to run to the hardware store for anything really.
Every time we need  a tool, screw, wire, broom, shovel....lawn mower or drill press.... we just look in the basement and there it is!
 Like magic.
I needed a bucket and scrub brush for the porch and found that in the shed.
I needed a paint roller and a garden hose too, there it was.
On the down side ,the 2 ladders hanging in the shed fell down on top of Steve's motorcycle and broke off the mirror.

Here is the pantry before:

And after:

The kitchen ceiling before:

We ripped the cabinets out around the fridge to make room for our new extra large french door fridge! (Coming next weekend)
And after:

And with the new light fixture!

My mom and I spend Saturday fabric shopping for something I loved to use for curtains in the kitchen. I found a great vintage floral pattern we are adding a striped boarder too.

Then it was on to Lowe's for pots and soil so I could pot all the flowers Steve's mom and grandma brought me last week!
Here they are out front.
I hope it stays warm enough.

This weekend we are going to start striping the old 1910 cabinets from the basement to move and assemble in the pantry!
 I cant wait till it is done and the new fridge is in!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tattooed Friday

I want more... more ... MORE!

Here are somethings I love.

Cherry Pie

Anchors & Cupcakes

Von dutch



baked goods



leopard print



I'm not brave enough to get a hand tattoo.... but if I was....

Hot rod

And proof that tats are hot on girls

What have you been dying to get?!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My house doesn't have electrical outlets but there is beer in the sink!

This weekend we crammed a lot of unpacking and decorating into 2 days.
We had 2 birthday parties to attend , one of which was held at our house for Steve's brother!
Saturday morning we got to work cleaning the basement and bringing boxes up stairs to unpack.
 I started scrubbing away at the old cabinets( from the 1910 house) down there and decided I wanted to rip them out and put them upstairs in the pantry we are building.
Trying to be Green!

Yes, they need some love, but they are in excellent shape and all the locks, latches and doors work.
None of the glass is broken and they are the right size ( almost) to fit in the nook upstairs!

King and Bunny showed up with our awesome new Washer and Dryer!
I love them.
I did our entire hamper in one load!

Then we layed out all our art pieces and decided what needed to go in which room.

Then the cable guy came.
He spent a few hours bringing in the cable from the street to the house, since we didn't have any installed already.
Apparently Ethel didn't watch the tube much.

Then it was time to get ready for my friend Kayleigh's Birthday party!
Here is what I got here from Urban Outfitters:

Rose salt n' pepper

and  a vintage kitten pillow

Flash forward to Sunday.
We had to run to the store to get beverages for the party and I got a nice compliment from the girl working at Starbucks.
First she told me how great my makeup looked, then asked if I was a MAC girl.
After explaining that I didn't work there and just happen to be having a good makeup day, she asked if I would be interested in doing make up on other people as a make up artist and get paid.
Suspicious, I asked where she was going with this proposition.
She said she was interested in having me do make up for her friends and her for prom.
 I was flattered but had to decline.

I have honestly never done make up on anyone besides myself.
 I would imagine its pretty difficult to do backwards, especially without any training.
No thanks!

Everyone came over for Luke's Party and got to see our new house .
It wasn't nearly as put together or decorated as I would have liked, but they got the gist of it.

We ended up finding a use for the old pedestal sink too!

I'm sure this coming weekend will be just as jam packed!