Saturday, March 12, 2011

Home Improvements ( I don't think so Tim)

Since moving in last weekend, we have done a  few projects around the house!
First we took care of the bathroom sink.
 What was previously considered a "sink" was small Pedestal sink with hot and cold faucets.
I'm pretty sure this was original to the house.
It was the shortest sink I have ever used and had to bend 90 degrees to wash my hands.
 So, that had to go. Plus it offered no storage whatsoever.
Which is why Miss Ethel had a shoddy little metal cabinet next to it that stuck out into the door way.
Which is now also gone.

Old set up

It had never occurred to me before how difficult it is to make warm water to wash your face with when one faucet produces hot water and the other ice cold from a separate spout.
Horrible design 1920's!

Our new Vanity! Behold.

Not done yet... the floor to ceiling faux vinyl tile needs to go and we need a new mirror and light.
 (Don't mind the scrap of lace I hung in the window so the neighbor can't wave to me while they are doing dishes and I'm not dressed)

Neat door huh!?

We also purchased curtain rods and new drapes for the living room.
I chose the two layer set up so we could keep the sheers shut most of the time since we are right on the street , but still get natural light.
Then we added Slate colored drapes to be a little more dramatic.

From Lowes:
Allen + Roth Oiled Pewter Rods

And Tie Backs
From Ikea:
Alvine Runds Sheers
Ritva in Gray
Next we put up a mail box, since ours was missing for some reason. 
I plan on painting something awesome on it. It's way to plain as is!

We also replaced the house numbers since they were a mismatch of  brass, black and silver in 3 different fonts.

I was  able to unpack all of our Linens and Toiletries into the hall closet and I still have room left over. 
( Yes, those 3 drawers  below are full)

Then I crammed all my clothes into the child sized closet

Then Steve removed the door that connects the living room from the Den area to open it up more.

Guess I should figure out where we are going to put the piano!


Lindsi said...

NICE! Would you believe that we have the exact same curtain rods and tiebacks?! Great minds really DO think alike!

Becky said...

WOW!!!! You are doing a lot of great things!!!! Thank goodness it's faux tile instead of real tile. We have tile throughout our entire house. The thought of removing it makes me sick!

kayleigh said...

i love the bathroom and its door!! so cute! also, bentley is the best.....oh and i want to paint the mailbox!!

Nikki said...

You cat in the closet cracked me up! That is really neat door, nice job!