Monday, March 28, 2011

I found God at Veg Fest 2011

Did I really just commit myself to pay $8.00 to hang out with a bunch of middle and new aged hippies to watch food demonstrations on juicers?
Yes. Yes I did.
Because sometimes, friends have to make sacrifices... and sometimes curiosity just gets the best of you

 So here I am, in the middle of a crowed room, wondering how I fit into this strange niche of people in hemp threaded clothing and organic reusable shopping bags.
I am the girl who gets paper inside plastic at the grocery store.
I buy plastic water bottles and don't reuse them and I didn't get a compost bucket till I moved into my new house and there wasn't a disposal.

After starting my diet in November I have been practicing clean eating and incorporating organic food into my life.
These were things I never paid attention to before.
I hadn't given much thought as to what would be an appropriate outfit to wear to this event., seeing how it was about food.
Once there, I was glad I had chose my jeans and cotton jacket over a fur trimmed leather coat.
(Or I probably would have gotten Greek yogurt dumped on me)

This expo was driven by more than just vegetables.
It was about humanity, the environment, animal cruelty and Jesus.
Yes, J.C. himself was a vegetarian.
(He just put the animals here to tease us apparently?)

A flyer I got.

I was overwhelmed with literature encouraging me to go Vegan &
informing me about the woes of dairy and the treatment of chickens.
Even buying only free range products doesn't resolve the mistreatment and tribulations that animals are subjected to.
Well, what about what I was just subjected to?
Photos of chickens being debeaked and malnourished cattle ruining my appetite!


This information made me sad.
I wish there were more regulated humane ways to treat our livestock.
 They don't have a voice of their own and it a really depressing situation.
Perhaps I am heartless and lack compassion, but with that said, I will continue to eat meat and drink milk.
They are just TOO FREAKING delicious.
Life is short. I refuse to live off tofurkey and almond milk.
Which btw are disgusting.

One amazing discovery did happened at this food mecca though.
( When i say mecca,I mean mecca. People traveled from far & wide to attend this event. It is apparently a huge deal. Washington state has one of the largest vegetarian organizations in the nation! I had no idea.)

I found god.
He goes by the name Dave and is a recovered Meth addict & ex con.
He bakes out of Portland, has a huge following, is pretty hot for an older man... and oh yeah he makes some kick ass breads!
(Watch the video, it's inspirational & cute)

Angela, Dave and me

This bread log I am holding below seemed to weigh about 5 lbs.
It's a hearty concoction of organic goodness swirled with cinnamon and whole grains.
Of course I went straight for it because it has a wiener dog on the label
 ( they are my favorite).

Then I tried a sample and I was hooked.

Not only was Dave's bread one of the most delicious foods I tasted at the expo, he by far had the coolest booth.
I got swag.

A reusable shopping bag, stickers and a coloring activity book.
This guy is totally on the same page as me.
You can find them at retailers like: QFC, Safeway, Fred Meyer and Costco.

Yummy list runner ups:
Apple Ginger juice by Genesis
The juices are made with a High Pressure Process, so no heating is involved.
This keeps all the healthy nutrients in for your body to enjoy!

And WOW cookies
(Which happen to be made in Kent!)
They are all natural wheat and gluten free cookies and they taste amazing.
Not, just amazing for a gluten free product but as a regular cookie!
They also sell cake mixes and dough you can bake yourself!
 They can be found at Amazon, Tully's coffee, PCC,Fred Meyer,Whole Foods and Metropolitan Markets.

All in all it was a learning experience.
I collected some great coupons and tried some interesting foods.
Like Vegan Calamari.
I think somethings are best left in their original form.
Squid rings just can't be vegetably replicated....


Amy said...

Next time you are in the Portland area, you MUST go to the Dave's Bakery OUTLET. Fabulous selection there and GREAT prices!

:lus, may I just add that it is located across the street from Bob's Whole Foods, another excellent place to pick up "clean" cooking ingredients and prepared food.

Who is Miss Pie? said...

Outlet!? I might just have to make a trip down there for that alone! Well.... and Voodoo doughnuts :) Thanks for the info!

Nikki said...

Hahah, Dave's killer bread is good. What a crack up.

I try to only buy free range and grass fed meats. I haven't bought meat from safeway in a year because I have no idea where it's from. I'm not ready to give up meat, but I'm trying to be a responsible consumer (killer). We're even considering buying 1/4 of a cow from a local farm.

Lauren said...

Dave's bread is so amazing, Josh and I are hooked and I swear it makes us both feel better! Costco sells a two pack for the price of a regular loaf at the store too! And since we're talking vegan, VooDoo Doughnuts makes the most amazing vegan cream filled doughnut!! And Gracie, not sure if you remember my love of those growing up but I was in love when I tried it! :)

Love, Chelsea said...

I LOVE Dave's bread! Just ate two slices as I was reading this. Well not really, I don't eat that fast...or read that slowly ;)