Thursday, March 31, 2011

If it smells like trout, throw it out! Refridgerator ator.

When we looked at the house before purchase, there wasn't a refrigerator but the sellers said they would put a brand new one in.
After moving into the house, I was disappointed with the size and style they chose and wished they had just given us the money instead!

Then we could have put it toward the appliance of my choice.
(Yeah, that's right. My choice.)

We thought we were going to have to sell it on Craigslist to upgrade and wouldn't get near what it was worth since it was only 1 week old.
The washer and dryers we got came from King and Bunny in Renton.
When the delivery guy showed up with them, he told us he had just been to our house the week before and installed the fridge!

That's when I called up King and asked him what he could do for me.
He allowed us to return the old fridge for FULL PRICE and pay the difference for the new fridge.

Sometimes local businesses are awesome.
 ( And not just because they toss out candy at the Renton River Days Parade)

Finally there is room for the milk AND the pickles.



(Steve bought new tools at Sears the night before for this occasion.Using the last of our wedding gift cards)


I love it.

We decided to go with white because that's what the existing stove is.
 I think Stainless would have been a little too modern looking for my kitchen makeover anyway.
Steve even ran a water line to the ice maker inside after cutting the counter to fit.
 I am thinking a little dishwasher might need to go in that vacant space to the right.
 I cook, must I wash the dishes too!?

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Angela said...

Wow! What a great improvement!!! Looks awesome :)