Friday, March 11, 2011

The Kitschy Kitchen

Green , green, green. Everything I choose is green.
So I tried to go another route with the kitchen.
It will still have green since my small appliances are all a retro green color.
But, I am going to add a blue and red to the scheme.
The cabinets will get knobs and be painted white.
Here is my inspiration picture

Jello Molds!

Again, the blues & red retro style

My apron front sink. One day... I will obtain you.
( How gorg is this sink with the black and turquoise!? I love it!)

I ordered this light fixture from Overstock.
 It is going to replace the over head flouresant light that is currently there.

Current light fixture

In my dreams. But this would go perfect.

We are replacing the "breakfast nook" with a walk in pantry and installing shelving.
I am going to paint the walls the blue color I am using as accent in the kitchen and the shelves will be white.

The  current nook

Vintage fabric dish towels for a window valance

The pallet



Lindsi said...


leanne said...

I like the breakfast nook area, to bad you cant get the red table in your above pic for that area. The light fixture you picked out looks awesome. Your house is going to be beautiful!

Graciepie said...

I used to have that little red table in Yellow! I sold it about 5 months ago :(. But we are using that space for the pantry, so I wouldn't be sticking a table in there anyway.

Becky said...

Oh I love it!!!! I love the light fixture you bought. So pretty!!!!