Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love to Love Ya

Everyday I look forward to my reading list of all the blogs I subscribe to.
It's my guilty pleasure.
 I wanted to give some love to a great blog that I frequent.

Right now she is having a great giveaway and I wanted to encourage everyone to enter.
There are some awesome items up for grabs!

(My favorite is the tattoo manipulation on your babies photo by Paper Mama)


While i was cruising through her sponsors I came across this local guy.
With a pretty cool story.
He paints piggy banks for Nordstrom.
I wish I could tell people I did that for a living... or that I was a Radio City Rockette.
I would take either.

His blog Cameron + Whitney is an ode to his art work and his love to a lady.
How many  guys  straight guys have blogs boasting about how madly in love they are?!
 Pretty sweet. 

Take a gander! 


Cupcake Couture said...

Haha sorry! I hope I didn't spoil your diet! Ya, the charms are super heavy, especially this one. I usually only could wear up to 3 charms on a bracelet and even that's too much. Lately I've been sticking to just one. :)

Nikki said...

I love paper mama's tat photos. So funny. I think you'll definitely need to get one done when there is a little Grace and Steve running around.

Have a great weekend! Thinking I'll see you Saturday?

Cait said...

hha oh my gosh thats the best picture ever ;) great post! xo

Cameron said...

Gaaahhh! That's me! Thanks for the mention! *high five*