Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My house doesn't have electrical outlets but there is beer in the sink!

This weekend we crammed a lot of unpacking and decorating into 2 days.
We had 2 birthday parties to attend , one of which was held at our house for Steve's brother!
Saturday morning we got to work cleaning the basement and bringing boxes up stairs to unpack.
 I started scrubbing away at the old cabinets( from the 1910 house) down there and decided I wanted to rip them out and put them upstairs in the pantry we are building.
Trying to be Green!

Yes, they need some love, but they are in excellent shape and all the locks, latches and doors work.
None of the glass is broken and they are the right size ( almost) to fit in the nook upstairs!

King and Bunny showed up with our awesome new Washer and Dryer!
I love them.
I did our entire hamper in one load!

Then we layed out all our art pieces and decided what needed to go in which room.

Then the cable guy came.
He spent a few hours bringing in the cable from the street to the house, since we didn't have any installed already.
Apparently Ethel didn't watch the tube much.

Then it was time to get ready for my friend Kayleigh's Birthday party!
Here is what I got here from Urban Outfitters:

Rose salt n' pepper

and  a vintage kitten pillow

Flash forward to Sunday.
We had to run to the store to get beverages for the party and I got a nice compliment from the girl working at Starbucks.
First she told me how great my makeup looked, then asked if I was a MAC girl.
After explaining that I didn't work there and just happen to be having a good makeup day, she asked if I would be interested in doing make up on other people as a make up artist and get paid.
Suspicious, I asked where she was going with this proposition.
She said she was interested in having me do make up for her friends and her for prom.
 I was flattered but had to decline.

I have honestly never done make up on anyone besides myself.
 I would imagine its pretty difficult to do backwards, especially without any training.
No thanks!

Everyone came over for Luke's Party and got to see our new house .
It wasn't nearly as put together or decorated as I would have liked, but they got the gist of it.

We ended up finding a use for the old pedestal sink too!

I'm sure this coming weekend will be just as jam packed!


andrea said...

"The little red store with the big warehouse...King and Bunnnnnyyyys!"

A few yrs ago I did makeup and hair for some girls going to prom @ Liberty. It was fun. :) One of those girls recently got married and asked me to do it again for her wedding, I politely declined (but hooked her up w/ a professional friend of mine)....i didn't want that kind of responsibility on her big day. Yikes!

Graciepie said...

Yeah , I didnt want to be liable for making them look like clowns on thier prom day!

kayleigh said...

haha-- YES! i got a blog mention!!! :)

i like that you actually posted my bed with the pillow... thanks for the coolest presents! you are winning for sure.

Nikki said...

That is hilarious! I think you should keep the sink throught the summer. It has a drain so no floating beer!

What a lovely compliment. You should've accepted. I had a man named Murphy do my makeup at MAC once. I looked like a drag queen. My next few experiences were much better.