Friday, March 25, 2011

Steve's First Trip to Ikea!

My husband is a small town boy.
He refers to me as "a city girl" because I grew up in Renton. 
Which I think is hilarious considering no one from Seattle would ever call Renton the city.
Since our relationship has begun, we have both left our own comfort zones and dove into each other's worlds.
 He has taken me shooting guns,to the taxidermist and to events at the local Elk's club.
 I have taken him to Pike Place Market, tattoo parlors and Ikea.

Behold his first time in the temple of furniture.

 On our way to the store after work one night, he asked if there would be time to go somewhere else afterwards.
 I laughed knowing that the Ikea maze takes at least an hour to scoot through and much longer if you are an Ikea virgin.

Me: "No, there won't be time Steve, but I'll tell you what, you can get dinner at the restaurant inside."

Steve: " There is food....inside the furniture store?"

Me: "Prepare for your mind to be blown!"

Taking a break to read a book

Relaxing in the office

Touching the sweedish decor

And feasting on meat balls.
Steve:  "They are actually pretty good"

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Nikki said...

Bryan always rushes me through Ikea. One time I went with my Sister and was so excited until they announced they were closing in 10 minutes.

The meatballs are amazing, I hope that was enough to get him back there!