Friday, March 18, 2011

Tattooed Friday

I want more... more ... MORE!

Here are somethings I love.

Cherry Pie

Anchors & Cupcakes

Von dutch



baked goods



leopard print



I'm not brave enough to get a hand tattoo.... but if I was....

Hot rod

And proof that tats are hot on girls

What have you been dying to get?!


Carly said...

I love the hot rod one! I love it when they use a lot of negative space.

I want a rib tattoo, I think they're sexy. Unfortunately, since my favorite artist - who drew me a custom piece - is also my batshit crazy ex bf, I don't really see it in the near future.

Nikki said...

Hello cupcake. I think that should be your next!

Angela said...

Love the cupcakes & anchors! And the teacups! and the baked goods! :)

Lillies and Lace said...

yes! you made your comments be in a pop out box so i can comment now!!! k well if i were going to get a tattoo it would be a half sleeve on my left arm that would basically be a collage of all kinds of flowers (with a large lily of course) and pretty green vines. you should get a cupcake one.

Sarah said...

I'm getting my first tattoo this summer, and owl for my mama tribute. Grace your links have given me inspiration! This is on my bucket list, so is the half marathon I am running before I get this tattoo, both is San Diego. Bam.

graciepie said...

Sarah im glad i could inspire you! Running is so scary to me! That is awesome you are going to do that. If you dont have a tattoo guy picked out I reccomend Chris Winn. He used to have a shop out of La Jolla, now he works out of a handful of different places in socal. He has a website. He is awesome and did all my work when i lived in cali. :) ( and my mom and sister when they came to visit)He is the family tattoo artist lol