Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Warriors

This weekend I got in a lot of work around the house.
My friend Katie came over and helped me paint the soon to be pantry in the kitchen nook.
I used the same color paint as the dining room.
 The previous owners left behind all the paint they used around the house and I found a full can of the green!

All the junk they have left behind in the house has actually turned out to be super handy!
We haven't had to run to the hardware store for anything really.
Every time we need  a tool, screw, wire, broom, shovel....lawn mower or drill press.... we just look in the basement and there it is!
 Like magic.
I needed a bucket and scrub brush for the porch and found that in the shed.
I needed a paint roller and a garden hose too, there it was.
On the down side ,the 2 ladders hanging in the shed fell down on top of Steve's motorcycle and broke off the mirror.

Here is the pantry before:

And after:

The kitchen ceiling before:

We ripped the cabinets out around the fridge to make room for our new extra large french door fridge! (Coming next weekend)
And after:

And with the new light fixture!

My mom and I spend Saturday fabric shopping for something I loved to use for curtains in the kitchen. I found a great vintage floral pattern we are adding a striped boarder too.

Then it was on to Lowe's for pots and soil so I could pot all the flowers Steve's mom and grandma brought me last week!
Here they are out front.
I hope it stays warm enough.

This weekend we are going to start striping the old 1910 cabinets from the basement to move and assemble in the pantry!
 I cant wait till it is done and the new fridge is in!


Katia said...

I'm LOVING the kitchen! Your so lucky you don't have to buy paint. It's so darn expensive. Where did you find your fabric? I have been fabric shopping lately but not finding what I want.

Carly said...

I love the green! It looks so pretty. Pretty handy that you moved into a magic house.

Stacy Davis said...

I love what you're doing with the place!!! You manage to get so much done, too!! It was just a short time ago that you bought the house, and look how far you've brought it. I'm totally excited to watch how this project finishes!

Who is Miss Pie? said...

Thanks guys! Katia have u been to Pacific Fabrics? There is a store in Bellevue and Northgate.They have prints You cant find other places!

Nikki said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see your pantry all finished. I'm jealous you have one, especially one with a window!

Lillies and Lace said...

your house looks awesome! i cant wait to see it!

Lauren said...

Loving the house, Gracie! I also must say that I'm addicted to the DIY channel so watching people track their reno projects is pretty much my favorite. So keep it coming! I like the one of you posing with the flowers. haha.