Friday, April 1, 2011

Dreams are successions of images... or so they say.

I have been known to have the most bizarre and elaborate dreams of all my family and friends.
I dream almost every night and remember them when I wake up.
I have never had the typical cliché’ dreams where I am free falling or flying or walking into a classroom naked.
My dreams are much more like a bad LSD trip.
Which sounds like a blast, but usually leave me confused and uneasy.

Maybe I need a new dreamcatcher.

I am glad that another family member finally jumped on the weird dream bandwagon this week.
May I present to you my sister’s dream;

“I had this terrible dream last night that there was a camera crew who were following you and Steve around since he proposed. We thought they had just been some family members preserving your wedding planning for posterity, but were actually a reality show crew he’d hired from a show called “I’m Not Sure If I Do,” which was about him trying to decide if he REALLY wanted to get married or not.

After the wedding and moving you guys down to this awesome house on the hillside in Hollywood, he decided that no, he didn’t really want it after all, and admitted that the taping had all been for a show. So we had to pack everything back up and move you back home and we were PISSED at all the deception. There were also lots of little Mexican women helping load your belongings back onto the train while consoling you.

His family, who I guess were from Oklahoma, were defending themselves by saying that they were just God-fearing middle-Americans who wanted to make sure you were the right person for him, but you’d said something about wanting to kill the neighbors at one point because they were parking in front of your house after you asked them not to. That was taken out of context as a death threat and pointed to as a reason that our family was a bunch of terrible, liberal West Coasters who had no compassion for our fellow man.”

But what does it all mean!?

Thank you Rose for your blog contribution.




Nikki said...

Hahah! I have strange dreams like that too. Although you and Rose should most definitely pitch that idea to MTV or something.

I had one the other day that I found out Bryan was born a female. It was strange...

FherYmas said...

Nice!!! I'm just browsing about dreams and found your photo interesting (and grab it!)
I didn't expect to discover a wonderful blog.
I'll be back for sure.
Here's the blog where I pasted the same image...

graciepie said...

Thank you!!