Monday, April 4, 2011

falling for fall

I think fall is slowly becoming one of my favorite seasons.
 I was just looking at recipes and suddenly couldn’t get pumpkin bread off my mind .
Pumpkin anything, really.
Pumpkin scones, pumpkin cake, pumpkin lattes, ice cream and cookies.

I think I have always had a hard time being friends with fall because I live in the Northwest and fall here is kinda gross. I feel like it would be more enjoyable in a place like....Nantucket.
Yeah, Nantucket.
 I know nothing about this area at all, but it seems like somewhere you can rake leaves into a pile and jump in them.
 If you tried to do that here, it’s a slimy soggy mess.

 Nantucket seems like somewhere that you could keep wearing skirts and dresses into October and just add a hat and scarf to your outfit. Rather than a winter jacket on September 1st.

Aside from Fall’s treats, I love the anticipation of all the holidays that comes along with it.
Winter holidays are my favorite kind!
To which you might say, "Why don’t you just like winter instead?"

Well, because I'm a glass half empty kind of girl.
 I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop or the good times to come to an end.
 So much so, that I end up missing out on them while they are actually happening because I am always looking for the next thing coming.

or in my case, half a pie
         Fall allows me to have something to look forward to; winter events.
Once those things become the present, I am on to the next thing, thus making them less exciting.

Spring has always been my favorite month because it is preparing me for a summer that is yet to come!
 Then once summer is here, I am thinking about how it will be over soon and we will be back to winter.
Wow, I am depressing.

Anyway, it's now April and that makes it officially spring in my book
In like a lamb and with a basket of Easter candy no less.


Joe & Christina said...

OMG I started reading and decided to see how much reading I was actually going to have to do. HOly shit that cat just made me choke on my coffee !!

Nikki said...

I wish cats pooped Easter eggs...then I'd get one.

It feels like fall here, I say make all the pumpkin bread you can!

Lillies and Lace said...

fall is definitely my favorite season. but then again, it could be because i always am looking forward to bigger and better things (in fall's case, christmas time) and don't fully enjoy the current moment. you can't go wrong with pumpkin though; its obviously delicious.