Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feels good to do nothing.

This past weekend I didn't get as much done around the house as I would have liked.
 I ended up going shopping with my mom and got these cute Rocket Dog pumps at DSW.
I love that they carry my size in a lot more shoes now too!
It actually makes shoe shopping fun.
 (Something I have never experienced before)

You can't see it in this photo but there is gold thread in the weave of the fabric.

And I got this great across the body purse.
Everyone seems to have them now and I thought it would be a good bag for summer.
Sometimes my purse gets annoying when I am shopping and it keeps sliding off my shoulder.

Then I hung out, made coffee, unpacked some books...
and sugar ants infested my kitchen.
So I made a mad dash to Lowe's and got spray for inside and bait stakes and powder for outside.
I really hope that solves the problem and we don't have to hire an exterminator. 

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon doing my nails and trying out different hair dos and not working out.
(Although, I did think about it, that had to burn some calories right there)

And my new heels came in the mail too!!

Love them!
(Hey they match the top I am wearing. Fancy!)

Hope you all had a more productive weekend than me!


Anonymous said...

Gracie you should do hair tutorials or something on youtube.. your hair always looks so cute!!

Love, Chelsea said...


Lindsi said...

I love it all!

Natalie said...

the pink is awesome in your hair! And both of the shoes are amazing:)

Mandy said...

LOVE those beige pumps! And I need to get a good across the body purse like that for my trip coming up... hmm.. you've inspired me to go shopping :)

Lady J said...

I love the beige rocket dog shoes! I hadn't heard of the rocket dog before. I'm going to purchase the same pair as well as the black ones.

graciepie said...

Thanks guys!

Nikki said...

Cute shoes! Sounds like you were more productive than I!

Did you try the cornmeal trick for the ants?

graciepie said...

No corn meal trick. I went all chemical.... maybe when I have babies I will more green.