Monday, April 11, 2011

Flea Market treasures & the perfect jeans

This weekend I went to 2nd Saturdayz Flea Market with my sister and mom.
It was a great collection of treasures and junk. 
It totally inspired me to get crafting again.
Currently everything is still boxed up in my basement though!
 Here is what it looked like inside :

This mail box totally reminded me of my dad who is a huge trivia buff.

I got this huge flower hat made out of ribbon.
 I think it will be perfect for my upcoming Vegas trip!

It can be worn as a belt too.
The hat is way more fun though!

And here are the other things I picked up

A Virgin Mary wall font and religious figurine to add to my collection.
A vintage seahorse pin, and painted iron bow to nail to something.
Most random find goes to the old boat tag for Hicks lake in Lacey, WA.
This is the lake my grandma lived on and I spent tons of time at while growing up!

Afterwards we headed over to U Village for some shopping.
 I fell in love with this garden bench at Revenna Gardens.
 It looks like a mini Gothic chapel.

And this neat potting shed!

Then we went to Anthropologie.
One of my favorite shops.
 They had these cools shelves on display.
 They had cut a wood chair in half and added a shelf in the middle.
Then reattached the legs to the bottom.
I always see random vintage chairs at garage sales that I want.
This would be a great and useful way to display them and still save space!

We went into an art store that had tons of local photography and I found this great print of the needle and the Hostess Bakery sign downtown!

I got a new pair of jeans from Guess and love them!
They were on sale and then another 40% off.
Usually the clothes on those types of racks are there for a good reason.
 I think I found a diamond in the rough though.
 They fit great!

My mom sewed me adorable curtains to go with my Kitchen Theme.
Here they are on the windows in the kitchen

Awwwww so sweet.


Katia said...

Glad you liked 2nd Saturdayz! I was sooo bummed to miss it this month. Isn't it inpiring? Great finds!

Nikki said...

Great finds! Cute jeans too!

Lindsi said...

How FUN! That is some seriously FUN stuff!!

Angela said...

Look at how skinny you're getting! Hot mama!