Monday, April 18, 2011

Girls Day... the parts I remember.

This weekend in between running to H&R Block to get our taxes reevaluated and doing chores around the house, I squeezed in a little girl time.

My friend Angela has a Girl's day every so often and this was my first time attending.
It consisted of about 10 of us showing up bright and early in our pj's baring food and our favorite movies.
 Then we sat around and ate... and watched the movies... and ate some more.

We started the morning off with Mimosas and German pancakes topped with blue berries and powdered sugar.
 Just the way i like them.

Followed by my zucchini , ricotta cornbread frittata. ( It's a tongue twister)

Along with Some fresh fruit salad .
Then we popped in Harry and the Hendersons!
 Yes the 1987 movie about a family that hits big foot with their car and brings him home to live with them.

Then it was lunch time, we put in Horton Hears a Who and brought out the hummus & crackers, chips & salsa, tortellini salad, cheese & salami and spinach dip bread bowl.
 It was a feast to be had by all.

Oh and I can't forget the sinful brownie stuffed chocolate chip cookies Angela made!
 I ate half but felt wholly guilty.

Then we broke for some showers and dinner and reconvened for dance party 2000.... in Auburn.

Look at how much fun we are having!!!
Wait..... that's not us.

I have been a recluse recently,and by recently ,I mean the last 2 years.
 So I decided it was time to party and let loose.
Four double vodka sodas later and a kamikaze I had a sprained wrist and  had made some drunk phone calls. Perhaps I would be embarrassed if i remembered any of it.
But I don't really.
Unfortunately there ARE photos.
(*Buries face in hands*)

I start off well behaved

And then it's down hill from there

Getting a free drink. Thank u very much.

Yes, we were the cat's meow.
This is Auburn after all.
 You show up with all your teeth and shaved legs & you can pretty much run the place!


Kellie Collis said...

Sounds like a real blast! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

Nikki said...

That sounds awesome. I love german pancakes...and Harry and the Hendersons!

You don't look too out of control, but I'll take your word for it ;)

Lindsi said...

MEOW! That sounds like a BLAST! In fact, I may just have to steal that idea someday...

Carly said...

Girls Day sounds awesome! And I'm loving your blond hair.

andrea said...

i love a good "dutch baby"! :)

Katia said...

LOL! That sounds like some awesome girl time

Angela said...

Yes! No one can pass up eating while in your pj's all day and watching movies! I'm glad you made it Gracie! And just wait till the next one!! Did someone say Pool, Cocktails, 90 degree weather and food?!?!
I can't wait for another Girls Night either!! That was too much fun!
And you forgot to mention, at 3am when we returned home we ate MORE German Pancakes and Frittata! It was an AWESOME day from start to finish!