Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ooooh that smell. Can you smell that Smell?

Isn’t it weird how some scents take you back to a place in time?
Upon smelling them you are immediately there in the moment, if only for a split second, you have a flash of a memory that correlates with that smell.
You remember exactly where you were when you smelled it before.
It's almost the feeling of Déjà vu.
No, not the strip club.
That is a different feeling…( and scent I’m sure.)
Every time it happens, it amazes me how many different moments in my life flood back to me.

Here are the ones that always seem to take me back:

Bath & Body Works
 “Cucumber melon”

Takes me to: The summer between sophomore and junior year in High school. Drill camp and rooming with Courtney. Driving the El Camino in Kennydale and Stephanie Helvy.

Bath & Body Works

Takes me to : 7th grade, sitting next to Erin Benard in Mrs. Zuckerman’s class reading The Cay. I hated that book.

Bath & Body Works
“Butterfly flower”

Takes me to: My little pony purfume palace, sitting in the living room of the first house I lived in on the brown shag carpet. I was probably 7.

“ Live” 

Takes me to:  My bedroom in my first apt in Vista California. Getting ready to go out dancing and Toothless Wonder lounging on the computer desk.

 Ralph Lauren

Takes me to: A high school party at Billy’s house during winter break, waring my turtle neck sweater and going ice skating.

A&F Cologne

Reminds me of: Every A** Hole  I dated

Liz Claiborn's

Takes me to: Sitting on the bus behind Jeremy Jamero on the way to Leavenworth for the German class Field trip. I had such a huge crush on John Donald. Freshman year.

"Miss Dior Cherie"

Reminds me of : Putting on my wedding dress.

 “Body by Victoria”

Reminds me of: My 2nd trip to Italy, trying to shower in the smallest stall ever and the curtain kept sticking to my legs.

"Cocoa Mademoiselle"

Takes me to: Working at Gottschalks junior year and going to Orange Julius on my break to see Dave & Becky.

Eddie Bauer Cologne

Takes me to: Laying in Eric Saeter’s Front yard wearing my knee high socks & cut off shorts.

What scent do you smell that always takes you somewhere???

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Nikki said...

Acqua di gio reminds me of Myron and Mighty everytime I smell it. I swear I ride an elevator with someone that wears it all the time.