Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vintage inspired retro kitchen appliances

I just can't get enough of retro kitchen appliances.
Ever since Rachel Ray started her cooking show debuting her vintage inspired appliances, I have been hooked.
 Drool over... er, I mean, check out these great finds!

The hood over the stove totally completes the package

Yep, that's a dishwasher!

I think this pink kitchen is my favorite

And if you don't want to drop 6k on an appliance , there is always craigslist!
 Looks what I came across!

1940's  GE range. Still works  $100.00 obo!

1942 GE vintage fridge- still running $300.00

Vintage Westinghouse Fridge Still working-$250.00

Given these are actually vintage and not new, they aren't going to be as fabulous... but for the price, I would be willing to take the risk.  It's all in the name of style, right?!

And if you don't want the white, you can pick up a can of appliance spray paint at the hardware store.
(In my opinion, everything should be pink.)

There are ALWAYS treasures to be found!


Nikki said...

I think you should do it. Unless it ups your energy bill.

Love, Chelsea said...

I want a yellow dishwasher!

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Darren Rowse said...

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