Monday, May 2, 2011

Bring the indoors out!

Why rent a table from your caterer with a white table cloth when you can use something so much better!?

Check out flea markets

 Thrift stores

Relative's houses

There are so many places you can find a unique peice of furniture at to use for your special day!
Add some personality, trust me, people will notice!

My wedding:
(Grandma's old dresser)


Lillies and Lace said...

HEY i passed on the "one lovely blog award" to you.

six0six design said...

loving your wedding ideas. included you in a blog post today.

x Vanessa

disastrousjane said...

UNGH!!!! i want every single peice of this amazing furniture at my wedding.
or, in my house.
right now.

graciepie said...

Thanks six0six!
Jane- I know! Aren't these all neat pieces?!

Lady J said...

beautiful photos