Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nice teeth and the Men's room

Friday night my sister’s CCR cover band was playing a show at a local watering hole and some friends and I went to throw back a couple cold ones and have a good time.
I have been to this particular bar many a times and being that it is in Renton, it provides refuge to some of the cities finest.
Apparently it was biker night because upon arriving there was a large number of choppers out front and tons of leather clad folk in the patio area outside. (Yes, we finally had a warm day in Seattle.)

 I headed inside with my friend .
The band had already started playing, so we got a couple beers and relaxed.
Previous to arriving at the bar, I had went to the movies.
We saw Bridesmaids ( It's hilarious).

I chugged down a water bottle while at the theater, so before getting to comfortable I needed to hit the Loo. Well, perhaps I was just oblivious or too involved in waving hello to the band that I walked myself right into the Men’s room.

 I even looked at the sign on the door ,before entering.
 I can’t tell ya what it said, I don’t know that I really read it, rather than gazed at it.
(Note: The sign did NOT look like this)

Either way, it did not translate to my brain and I charged right in.
Had my friend not ran in after me to pull me out, I probably would have just stayed in there.

I really think there should be a standardized bathroom labeling system enforced.
I mean, sometimes the doors don’t say anything, sometimes it’s just a little picture.
 If you are at a Mexican restaurant it’s in Spanish… if you are at the Outback it’s Blokes and Aussies …

How am I suppose to know which is Men’s and which is Woman’s?!
Out of all the daily things I am suppose to retain, you also want me to know the word Ladies in all languages and slang?!
That’s just asking too much. That is going too far!

Anyway, while waiting in line in the ladies room a stranger spotted me.
I noticed she was staring at me in the mirror.
She turned around and said " NICE tats!"
 I said "Thank you."
She of course then wanted to show me ALL of her tattoos.
What is that?!
Why do people always see that I have a tattoo and automatically want to show me all of theirs?
I am not interested in your body art, I have my own thanks.
Needless to say, I was underwhelmed with her tribal scrolls and large goth fairy ink.
As I lied and  politely said " ooh, those are so nice"
She interrupted me to tell me I had "Really pretty teeth"
( Only in renton my friends...)

As I am washing my hands about to leave, yet another girl, also washing her hands, is staring at me in the mirror.
We make eye contact.
She says " You are so pretty! Are you part of the biker club out front?"
I said  " Thank you. No , I am here for the band"
She replies " Oooohh..... there is band?"

Mind you, this bar is not large, and you have to walk past the stage where the band is playing to get to the Restrooms.
Meth kills. Just remember that.

(Not always true)


Love, Chelsea said...

To be fair, you do have nice teeth...

Lindsi said...

Ah, yes. Only in Renton, and a little farther South...!

Lisa said...

Haha! What bar was it?

Nikki said...

mmm, Dog and Pony?

andrea said...

Benders, fo sho. ;)

graciepie said...


graciepie said...

and thank you Chels lol